Thursday, December 23, 2010

Larfleeze Cookies!

Hey guys! As I'm sure many of you know, the Larfleeze Christmas Special had an Orange Lantern cookie recipe in it. Since I'm a huge fan of cookies and Larfleeze, this seemed like the perfect excuse to make a batch. I was also fortunate enough to have Larfleeze and Globulus stop by and lend a hand.

The recipe contains a fair amount of orange juice concentrate and zested orange peels. It helps give the cookies a nice sweet flavor. Glomulus, much like a child, is jumping the gun here. He wants to put the frosting on before anything has been mixed.

Larfleeze summoned a greedy orange cat, named Brooklyn, that tried to steal my sandwich.

Everything has been mixed, put into doughy balls, and cooked in the oven. We'll wait for the cookies to cool, while we get the frosting ready. If you put the frosting on too soon, it will become runny and gross.

The cookies have been frosted, and decorated with the orange gel. Larfleeze and Glomulus are ecstatic that the cookies are finished.

A mother at the grocery store gave me a hard time about the decorating gel I bought. She didn't think it was good for me to eat something that was mostly food coloring. Her daughters gave her a hard time about criticizing someones purchase at the grocery store. Her daughters were right, mind your own business lady.

We brought the cookies to Coast City for everyone to enjoy. Luckily, Larfleeze had learned the true meaning of Christmas in the holiday special comic book. He didn't put up much of a fight above giving them away. He just wanted to let everyone know that the recipe was his, and his alone.

Stop in and grab one while supplies last! They're totally free and REALLY good!

Happy Holidays everyone!!

I would also like to point out that my lovely fiance helped with these cookies. She's an excellent baker! Larfleeze, Glomulus, Brooklyn, and myself could not have done it without her!

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  1. Good job Chad! I am very impressed. Never heard of such a cookie-may have to try this recipe. I have 4 cookie doughs and 3 different kinds of whoopie pie mix in the refrigerator. Guess I will be doing some baking tomorrow.