Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Snap Judgments

Captain America #604

What Happens?: In this issue The Falcon, and a real falcon, beat the crap out of a bunch of guys on a train. The Falcon also talks to the bird while he is doing this. It makes him look like a lunatic, while his throwing dudes off of a speeding train. So much action!

Meanwhile, the 1950's cap forces Bucky to don his old costume. He fills Bucky in on his master plan, which is pretty DAM explosive! Haha! If you read this issue, then you got that pun!

Should I buy it?: If you have ever been watching a UFC pay per view and thought "This would be so awesome if they had birds fighting humans too!", then you should buy this issue.

Nemesis #1

What Happens?: This book starts off with Nemesis helping the police chief of Tokyo catch his train. Haha just kidding, he ties him to a chair so that a train can run him over. This happens while he blows up a building full of cops across town. Nemesis! You are such a cad!

Meanwhile, in Washington D.C. a super cop is cleaning up America. He is feeling pretty good after killing a few bad guys, and then he receives a note from Nemesis that he is coming to kill him! Yikes, sounds like it's bad day after all!

We then jump to Air Force One, where Nemesis jumps onto the plane and kills the pilots. He then lands the plane in the middle of a busy street in D.C.... very similar to the final scene in Con Air, I loved that movie! I would just like to point out that if this was the movie Air Force One, then Nemesis would have been beat up by Harrison Ford. He then goes on TV, with a bound and gagged President of the US, and says that he is going to destroy everything. Nemesis is pretty awesome guys!

Should I buy it?: If you enjoy awesome things and are not a total loser...then yes you should buy this.

Mighty Avengers #35

What Happens?: A couple of people with bad costumes show up to kick Hank Pym out of their science group. Pym is pretty apathetic about this and seems more concerned with repairing Jocasta...that robot he's banging.

Meanwhile, Ultron is back and he's taking over the Infinite Mansion. They don't really explain how Ultron survived the end of Annihilation: Conquest, which bothered me because that was a great Ultron story. He storms the mansion and forces Hank Pym and his cohorts to head outside of the mansion.

We then find that the mansion exists in a different reality, and it's built upon his dead ex-wife....somehow... I don't know.

Should I buy it?: No, Hank Pym is a weirdo. With any luck, Ultron will kill him in the next issue.

Breaking into Comics: The Marvel Comics Way #2

What Happens?: This cover is horrifying! I didn't even read it!

Should I buy it?: Not unless you want to have nightmares forever, I hate this cover! Get it away from me!!

Monday, March 29, 2010

I'm giving stuff away!

Hey guys! I haven't updated in a couple of days, because I've been ridiculously sick. I feel pretty bad about it, so I decided that I'll be giving stuff away all this week to make up for it. I'm not doing $50 gift cards again, but maybe some small figures, posters, and some comic books.

I'll be asking a trivia question each day via the facebook fan page for the blog. The first one to email me at chad@coastcitycomics.net with the correct answer will be the winner. If you're not a fan yet, I highly recommend that you become one. There is even a link to it on the right hand side of this page!! How convenient!

Also! We have a new arcade machine in the store! It has 60 classic arcade games in it! I dare anyone to come in and beat my score on Shaolin Road. I am a beast at that game!

-Action Chad

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Another Bad Joke

Looks like that skrull just got STORMED. Good one Blue Beetle!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Iron Man Display

Hey guys! We made an Iron Man display in the store, because Iron Man 2 is coming out in theaters soon. We are just so smart when it comes to marketing. What's different about this particular Iron Man display is that Robert Downey Jr. himself tells you why you should buy each Iron Man product that is displayed. Robbie and I go way back, so he was happy to do this for us.

Alright, I'm kidding. I actually wrote these myself. You should come in and check it out though. I personally guarantee that, at least, two of these signs will make you laugh.

-Action Chad

Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Blue Beetle Debate Part 2

The debate continues! I now present to you my take on Jaime Reyes.

Jaime Reyes, the new Blue Beetle, is a good character that has been the victim of poor decisions made by the editors of DC. In my opinion, there is no reason why this character should not be accepted by the comic communities that are young and old.

The new Blue Beetle has an extremely well designed costume. It's cool looking, and definitely stands apart from his predecessors costume worn by Ted Kord. I even dare to say that he's probably the best looking new hero created by either Marvel or DC in the past ten years. The suit itself, the Blue Beetle scarab Ted Kord could not figure out how to use, is an advanced piece of alien armor. It grafted itself to Jaime and now appears out of him whenever he is in danger, which is pretty rad. It can reconfigure parts of his body into weapons, like laser canons, and can even survive in the depths of space. That's a pretty cool suit that you can tell a lot of fun stories with. The Beetle scarabs were also made by a group of aliens that are enemies of the Guardians, of Green Lantern fame. He even has a tie in to biggest series that DC is running right now!

Jaime is also a teenager, which means he is easily related to by kids. I can't imagine a kid who wouldn't think it was cool to have a costume like the one I just mentioned. In fact, Jaime Reyes toys sold very well after his numerous appearances on the kid themed Batman cartoon The Brave and the Bold. The cartoon presented Jaime just as I depicted him above, and kids/teens reacted positively to him. That proves that there is nothing wrong with the concept of Jaime Reyes, it's just the writers of his series.

The writing of the series itself was solid for the first ten issues, when the creator of the character was writing it. After that, they switched creators. Even though sales began to fall with this new writer in place, they did not take him off of the book. The series lasted until issue 36, which meant this new writer had 26 issues total. That's over two years where no one decided to take him off of the book due to poor sales. Did they lose his number and e-mail? How come nobody took him off of it? Dan DiDio later stated that the new Blue Beetle was "a book that we started with very high expectations, but it lost its audience along the way." I don't care what book it is, 26 poorly written issues means a book will be canceled. Someone should have stepped in long before. That's not the characters fault, that's the writers/editors.

Placing him in books like the Teen Titans and Booster Gold does not help the character. Teen Titans is terrible and Booster Gold's sales, while a fan favorite, are touch and go at times. That's like putting a band-aid over a wound that needs stitches. Once again, someone at DC should have stepped in really fixed to the problem.

There is also the argument that Jaime Reyes is not Ted kord, so I don't like him. Jaime Reyes isn't supposed to be Ted Kord, that only makes sense from a creative point of view. He has a connection to Ted and has the same name, but is still different. Just like in real life, everybody does the same job differently. I don't think it should be a detriment that he is a different type of Blue Beetle. I know that many people felt the same way when Wally West took over as The Flash when Barry Allen died all those years ago. Wally was a fast talking womanizer as opposed to Barry's by the book, crime scene investigator self. Flash forward (unintentional pun) to now and people are complaining that Barry Allen is taking over for Wally West as the Flash. People always react negatively to changes in the super hero status quo, it's just the nature of the beast. Once again, this isn't Jaime Reyes fault.

Simply put, Jaime Reyes is a solid character. He reminds me of when Spider-Man first started out, except that he had a now legendary creative team behind him. This character can be extremely successful if marketed and handled well by the titles creative team. It's just that for some reason they don't want to do that, but that's not Jaime's fault.

Until next time
Action Chad

Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Blue Beetle Debate Part 1

About a month ago, there was a debate on our Facebook fan page for Coast City about the new Blue Beetle character. Things became pretty heated, some things were said that can't be taken back, and one marriage ended because of it. I'm kidding about the marriage, but it was pretty heated. I asked my good friend, Chris Morey, to write up an anti new Blue Beetle article. I would post it on the blog, and then I would respond with a pro Blue Beetle argument. It sounded like a good time to me, so hopefully you guys will feel the same.

Without further ado, here is Chris Morey's anti new Blue Beetle article.

So a few weeks ago i posted a comment in response to Chad's opinion of the new blue beetle always getting the shaft. Either he or Gerald had an idea that Chad and I do a sort of point/counterpoint deal with how we feel about the new Blue Beetle, Jaime Reyes.
I feel this character has had more chances than most in the DCU. He started out as a break out character in DC's big event of the year, infinite crisis. Right off the bat, he's got a lot of attention. Next, he's right into his own series with one of DC better writers,Keith Giffen, and yet he really didn't draw much interest. Onto a new writer and a new story arch, and his title is still having trouble finding readers. Even after attention from a much publicized special Spanish language issue and even after hitching it to a popular title like teen titans still the readers aren't coming.

The title was around for basically three years, with low readership, most characters do not get that long. Then when his title was finally canceled, really due to a lack of interest, the new blue beetle is shoehorned into another title as a back up story. Meanwhile other characters introduced at the same time as the new blue beetle don't receive the same chance. Characters, like the new Question or the new Atom, are pretty much reduced to guest shots in other titles.

Finally the event that pretty much triggered this commentary happened, DC dropped the Blue Beetle back story from Booster Gold. Is this the last we'll see of little Jaime? Probably not. There's already rumors floating around about him appearing in the new series Justice League: Generation Lost. This is another chance for this character, that no one really seems to want around. This is the same character that they killed off the last Blue Beetle, a character that people are still asking for to return, to create. Is this the best they can do?

The last three years of this Blue Beetle have been almost like a giant junk shot to fans of the old bwah-ha-ha era of the justice league. Now if they had done the series right, and given us a decent successor, it wouldn't be such a big deal. Instead what we get is three years of floundering, a character with no clear focus, and not really in the spirit of the character who's legacy he supposed to be carrying on. I feel that Jaime Reyes,the new Blue Beetle, has had his chance(s) and it's time for dc to move on/back to what most readers want: Ted Kord,(who if you ask me, is the one who got the shaft.)

I'll post my response to Mr. Morey tomorrow.

-Action Chad

Friday, March 19, 2010

We have a winner!

The winner of the $50 gift card contest is Christopher Seavey! I want to give a huge thanks to everyone who entered, and keep in mind that there will be more contests in the very near future!

Here is Christopher's picture

and here is another entry from Lani. Lani wins the "entrant that lives the farthest away from the comic shop" award...which has no prize, except honor. She lives in California by the way!

Until next time-
Action Chad

Thursday, March 18, 2010

10% off things!

Hey guys! Who's interested in saving money on Free Comic Book Day and at Boston Comic Con? All you need to do is pick up one of our stamped fliers at our store, and hold onto it for those events. It's really just that simple. Keep in mind that we can only honor the 10% off your purchase as long as the flier has the Coast City Comics stamp on the back. Also, one per customer guys.



Contest ends and Fan Page!

Two big things are on the agenda for today!

1. The contest for the $50 gift card will end at midnight tonight. If you are looking for more info on how to enter then please go here and here.

2. Action Chad's Action Blog now has a Facebook fan page of its own. It helps promote the blog and make it so there isn't a thousand posts a day from the Coast City facebook page. We're social media junkies, we'll admit it.

You can find the fan page here, or you can just search for it on Facebook. It's up to you!


Besides every single page of Siege #3, this was my favorite panel of the week. When you're deep in space, just remember to stay behind the Raccoon.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Rey Mysterio loves comics

If you're a wrestling fan like me, then you know that Wrestlemania is right around the corner. Believe it or not, a lot of wrestlers are comic book fans. This really should not be surprising as they are a bunch of muscular guys running around in spandex. I guess it's as close to being a super hero as you can get!

One wrestler in particular has taken his love of comics one step further at Wrestlemania, and that man is Rey Mysterio.

That's a pretty awesome Flash costume Rey!

Silver Surfer

The Joker (Dark Knight version)

Iron Man

One of his first outfits was for The Phantom. I couldn't find a decent screenshot of it, but I did find this video!


Some of you may have noticed yesterday that Coast City and The Monster Emporium took the day off for a "teamwork exercise". If you were confused by this, allow me to explain. We were not out in the woods practicing trust falls at a rope course. While that would have been wonderful, we were really at the Funspot Arcade in Laconia, New Hampshire! It's a a massive, old school arcade where the film King of Kong was based. This place is awesome! I took pictures as well, so enjoy!

This was on display in the kiddie area...it's amazing!

Riley got a little carried away with this machine.

Yeah, they have a bowling alley too.

Tony put away some pizza.


The real King of Kong, Steve Wiebe

Me and Tristan playing Death Race. One of the greatest games of all time.

Chiller, easily the most disturbed game I have played.

We beat the Ninja Turtles arcade game. Pizza power!

Cool pinball game.

Leaving my mark on Major Havoc. I also managed to get 4th place on the Ninja Turtles machine.

I hope you guys enjoyed this brief look into the daily hijinks of our stores!

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Geez Hulk, there is such a thing as personal space.

News and Updates!

The Phoenix voting has been extended until March 18th! That means you will have one more week to vote. It also means the contest for the $50 gift card has been extended!

I think some people may be confused, or even intimidated, by this contest. That's why I'm using a visual aid, in the form of someone who has already entered, to assist you.

This is Mr. Hellfire's entry (blog linked on the right of this page). It's also a perfect example of what it takes to enter. Note that he has himself in the picture and a sign that says he voted for me. He filled all the requirements! He also included Emma Frost, which I found humorous. He took a minute out of his day and now he is one step closer to $50! I don't know of any legal profession where you can get that much for money for that little amount of work!

So let's see some entries people! March 18th at midnight EST will be the cutoff!

I should also point out that you can make them as funny, or gross, or revealing as you want...but it's still a random drawing. None of those "little extra somethings" will help you win, if you catch what I'm laying down.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Joe Hill and Gerald

Joe Hill, the author of Locke & Key, came in the store today! Being the nice guy that he is, he signed a bunch of stuff for us. You never know who is going to stop in guys!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Review of Ultimate Avengers #5


I gotta tell you guys, I was going through the comics that came out this week and thought it was a lot of talking and whining. I had given up hope on there being something truly awesome...until I heard a rumbling in the sky. I looked up and saw the clouds part, a ray of light beaming through. The gods of action and awesomeness spoke to me.

"Action Chad! We know how you like things that kick ass, so here is the latest copy of Ultimate Avengers #5. It will dominate your face off, which by proxy means it is also rad. Enjoy this gift my son. Now if you will excuse us, we're going to ride super dirt bikes on an active nuclear volcano."

The gods are good to me! Now let's get down to the review!

The book starts off with Nick Fury telling War Machine (War Machine is the size of a freakin' bus! +100 points) a little story about how evil the Red Skull is. This particular scene really should be read, instead of me telling you exactly what happens. That's why I'll only tell you that it involves an old pair of scissors, a baby being thrown out of a window, and the Red Skull getting trashed in his victims house. Put it together any way you want, the guy is as evil as they come. (The Red Skull having a pie eating grin on his face after playing shot put with a baby +1,000 points).

We then head to Alaska (Ugh, Alaska! -500 points) were we find the new Avengers team has arrived to stop A.I.M. from completing a cosmic cube. What they find upon arriving at the base is that all of the A.I.M. soldiers are dead! The Red Skull then reveals himself, wielding a cosmic cube! The Avengers attempt to shoot him with what looks a thousand bullets, with no effect. The Red Skull informs them that he now has an impenetrable force field, limitless power, and the reason why the AIM soldiers are dead is because he told them to eat each other. (I told you this guy was brutal!! +1,000 points). He then smacks the crap out of the Avengers, claiming he needs practice using the cube.

Meanwhile, back in France...

Captain America is being led to an interrogation room by the French police. They taunt him along the way. They're upset about his line from the first Ultimates series, where he implied the French surrender at the drop of a hat while cutting off a skrulls head with his shield (I remember that! Good times! +500 points). Cap then reveals that he has set up an elaborate tracking system to track down the Avengers, which should then lead him to the Red Skull. He then breaks free of his handcuffs and beats up everyone in the room.(Booyah! +500 points) The same cop that was giving Cap grief then ends up surrendering after one punch! Cap ends up throwing the guy through a door for good measure (Cap actually throws anyone, that proves one of his statements correct, through a door. It's just something he does. +500 points). He then goes and steals an experimental jet, programs it to track the Avengers, beats up a few more French guys, and blasts off! Nick Fury radios and tells him to stop, but this is Caps response...

(OH SNAP! Cap just told you! +1,000 points)

That's how it ends guys! I can't wait until issue 6! This issue was so action packed and awesome, I had trouble finding anything wrong with it. However, I did think of two things that were wrong.

- No bikinis (-500 points)
- No Spider-Man (-500 points)

Final tally comes to... 3,100 points! DOMINATION!! I loved this issue! You will too! Go buy it right now!!

Also, I leave you with this photoshopped panel from the book. If you've read the baby scene, then you will enjoy this.

Until next time,
Action Chad

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Monday, March 1, 2010

A Thought About Hit-Monkey

Hit-Monkey is not a deep, thought provoking character. He's a kung fu monkey with guns. You won't be able to make a comic series about him that is illustrated using ink washes, or one that features long lines of dialogue. It's not going to change how the masses view comic books, as to whether or not it's a legitimate art form. What Hit-Monkey is though, is good for comics.

I'll explain further, but I'm going to digress first. One of my college professors started talking to me about the song "Shake Your Tail Feather" in class. He was telling me how he felt that Rock N' Roll had lost its sense of fun since the days of when "Shake Your Tail Feather" was written. It was a goofy song about shaking your butt, it was a good time. It was not meant to be taken seriously, just dance and have fun. It's a type of song that is not very common anymore, which is depressing. Things have become more serious as Rock N' Roll has aged. Go listen to the song, you'll get what I'm saying.

The same could be said for comic book characters of the past ten years. Things have become quite serious and dark. This is opposed to it's fantastic and goofy roots. Hit-Monkey is a return to a "Shake Your Tail Feather" type of character to me. He's fun, goofy and not meant to be taken seriously. You're meant to think it's silly and laugh. In an age of comics where the writers are striving for more realism, it's a breath of fresh air to see a monkey in a business suit firing guns. I'm not saying all modern comics are bad because they're more realistic or dark. I just think it's important to remember that comics are meant to be fun guys. Just sit back, relax, and let the monkey shoot things. You will be glad you did.

Also, enjoy this.

Until Next Time,
-Action Chad