Saturday, November 7, 2009

Give the Lady a Chance

I’m going to come right out and say it, I love the new Wonder Woman series. You can criticize me if you want but I stand firm in my initial statement. I understand that I may be labeled a sissy boy by a number of my comic brethren, but I encourage you to ignore the stereotypes associated with being a Wonder Woman fan and read on.

I really enjoy when a comic book takes characters from mythology and works them into a modern setting. You have seen this done well by The Incredible Hercules and Thor as of late, and now you can add Wonder Woman to this list. The exciting plot developments that occur between the Amazons, Zeus, Ares, Achilles, The U.N. and Wonder Woman are really interesting. It is a great mix of contemporary stories mixed with classical characters.

The fight scenes are brutal! How brutal? She definitely deflects a rocket off of her bracelets into the Cheetah and punches a guy through his head. Yeah, deal with that. Wonder Woman really puts the hurt on the bad guys in this one. If you are bored by the idea of W.W. dominating her opponents then you will be excited to know that she spends a few issues getting the snot kicked out of her. The fights are compelling, exciting and over the top but you can never be sure if W.W. is going to win. I think any comic fan can agree that is more interesting. She also head butts bad guys to victory, I may be in love here guys.

The art in this series looks amazing. From sea monsters rising from the depths of the ocean to the more tender moments between W.W. and her love interest, each is handle with care and detail. It’s a feast for the eyes and a fine example of what super hero comic book artist should be trying to achieve.

This recent series, which we have trades of mind you, really opened my eyes to how awesome Wonder Woman can be. I’ve started digging through our back issues and have found a lot of really good stuff which I think any comic book fan would really appreciate. If a guy who once thought Wonder Woman was the lamest of the lame can find some love for her, don’t you think you could too? Come on guys, give the lady a chance.

-Action Chad

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