Friday, May 6, 2011

This Week In The Life Of Comics 5/6/11

When I start thinking about how my week went, I start doing the face rubbing thing. That says to me that I don't want to write about it.

Instead, let's talk about the facebook group I've made. I was watching an episode of the new Doctor Who series, and there's an episode where David Tennant ends up lighting the Olympic Torch for the upcoming 2012 Olympics in London. How cool would it be if he really ended up doing that? It would be super cool! If you think like I do, then please join my facebook group here. I want to make this a reality.

On to the comics...

Fear Itself #2

The second chapter in Marvel's mega-event has arrived! We didn't have to wait an entire month for the second issue to come out, so that's pretty rad, but we won't be so lucky with the third issue. That does ship in one months time.

The majority of The Worthy end up being chosen in this issue, and there's little surprise as to who they are. Due to advanced solicitations and promo posters, you pretty much knew who was getting evil hammers. The two that you didn't are such C-list villains, that's it's kind of difficult to care about them getting an upgrade.

The story is still cool, and by the end of this issue we finally start to see action. It's pretty clear that we were given two issues that set the stage of the event in order to get people interested. So far, I'm hooked and waiting for more. Mission accomplished, I would say.

The art continues to impress me, though a couple of The Worthy's costumes left me wanting a little more. It's the fashionista within me, it demands so much. Overall though, the book is gorgeous. Just like the previous issue.

Next issue is supposed to be the issue that blows everyone's minds, according to Matt Fraction's twitter. If you're getting bored, at least wait until you finish the third issue before you pass judgement. This is shaping up to be a pretty monstrous story, and so far I'm really enjoying the ride. Even if it's taking a little bit to set the story up.

Moon Knight #1

Moon Knight is in L.A. and selling his life story for fame and fortune! Things seem to be going pretty well at a gala event, until Cap, Spidey, and Wolverine show up to speak to him. They tell him that since he's in LA, he needs to clean up the city. There's a new kingpin of crime in the LA area, so he should have plenty of work trying to get rid of him.

Keep in mind that Moon Knight is still a lunatic. He's still a crazy nutter, with tactical combat experience, running around playing super hero with multiple personalities and voices in his head. Just in case you were worried that Bendis made him sane or something, he didn't. He's the same crazy guy. CRAZY!

Moon Knight ends up doing some detective work, which leads to a run in with Mr. Hyde (NOTE: Could have sworn he was in The Raft as of the last issue of Thunderbolts, but what do I know.). He ends up foiling his scheme and recovers something that is definitely troubling and problematic for the future.

The last page has a surprise twist, which did catch me off guard. It doesn't really seem like that big of a change for the character to me, but I can see where there are opportunities for major swerves further down the line. It has potential to be mind blowing, but this first issue did not melt my brains. It caused them to lightly simmer.

Overall, it's a great Moon Knight comic. If you're a fan of Moon Knight, then you need to be reading this. If you're not, then this will probably be the series that changes your mind. Stop in and check it out. He's crazy!

Alright, that's all for me this week. See you guys at Free Comic Book Day tomorrow!

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