Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Captain Americas: The Restaurant

The next chapter of Captain America: Reborn comes out this Wednesday, so I figured a Cap related post was in order. The Sentinel of Liberty is one of my favorites, so I did not want to do some post about how iconic he is. This blog operates a little off the beaten path folks, I wanted something that you may have never heard of before. I beseeched the Google Gods and they smiled upon me this day. Here is the bounty they bestowed upon me.

That's right, a Captain America restaurant! The crazy thing is that there are three of them and they are all located in Ireland. They have been serving American style food, like cheeseburgers and steaks, since 1971. They even have a menu item listed as the Captains Classic burger. These guys love American food and Captain America. I'm seriously considering booking a flight to Ireland, so I can eat at this place.

They have a lot of Captain America imagery inside the restaurants. The one below is my favorite.

That's pretty awesome!

The restaurants also feature a ton of rock n' roll memorabilia. They have guitars and set lists from Queen and REM. They also have signed photo and a pair of shoes from Deborah Harry of Blondie. Each restaurant has a museum inside which houses these rock treasures, so there is plenty more than what I mentioned. It's as if a comic shop and a Hard Rock Cafe had a love child on a wild Irish evening, I'm into it.

If you want to read more about these restaurants then you can check out their website here.

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  1. I have been to the Captain America's in Dublin. My take on it was Hard Rock cafe meets Tgi Fridays meets Mardens. The food was good and they certainly had rock and film memorabilia on the walls, but the stuff was mostly from B list Euro types like Robbie Williams, and various German DJs.

    I had multiple beers followed by BBQ ribs, fries and a coke. They play good music at a high volume which makes small talk difficult and thus made the meal more enjoyable.

    The staff was friendly, mostly Eastern European kids looking to make money in Ireland. We walked out of there thinking that we would go back again, but we never did just because there are so many other choices in Dublin, including an actual Hard Rock cafe and actual Tgi Fridays. No actual Mardens though. There's a business idea! The Irish could use a Mardens!

  2. The fact that Mardens is not a global business has always surprised me. You would think every country would want a store full of banged up puzzles, carpet and left shoes. I guess they just are not ready for it.

  3. Some friend have recommended this different restaurant, they told me that the service was the best, and the food is exquisite, so I'm probably gonna go this weekend.Apart its name is Captain America, who has been my hero since I was a child, so I'm sure that it will be as spectacular as Captain America is.

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