Saturday, December 26, 2009

My Letter to Marvel

Dear Marvel,

I don't understand why you hate people that are trying to read Captain America: Reborn. Why would you spoil the ending to this story in three different comics? After that, why would you then release a one-shot for Captain America that summarizes the ending of Captain America: Reborn before the final issue has been released? Why can't I just read the conclusion to this story before all of these other stories started happening? Why would you do that?

Do you hate me? Did I kiss your sister or something? No, I did not. I did not do anything to you, in regards to Captain America, to warrant this behavior from you. I've been a faithful Captain America fan for years! I even bought the issues when he was a werewolf! The CAP-WOLF issues!!

What you have done is insulting to the faithful readers of this character, surely you know that. While I will continue to buy issues of Captain America, I just wanted you to know that you have upset me.

Best Regards,
Action Chad

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