Thursday, December 10, 2009

Digital Justice!

A Batman of the future fights a Joker virus in probably the worst Batman story ever written.

If you read this book, you will wish you were dead. I can't put it any other way. I would say this is the worst comic book I have ever read, but I can't. The reason why I can't say that is because I didn't finish the book. The interiors of this thing gave me a headache! I had to put it down and and go outside to make sure there were other colors besides blue and purple. Take a look at these scans!
It's like staring into cancer! The computer graphics are terrible, but not as bad as the actual drawings they law over them. The people in this book look atrocious. What makes it worse is that the artist takes these crap drawings and then copies and pastes them all throughout the book! Look at the second page on the bottom panel. They used the same guard three times! Not even Greg Land would be that lazy! <-- That one is for Tony.

And get a load of the writer on the back cover!

Three computer monitors? Really? Is there where you go to craft the new digital masterpieces of the future with your advanced digital tools? Does purple lightning help free your mind from all the norms of society? False! You look ridiculous, almost as much as you do pompous!

You may be thinking "Chad, why are you being so hard on this guy? It's not like he said this was going to be compared to 1984 or anything!" Oh yeah? Read this!

Yeah he did do that! This guy really thought that this book was going to be considered a critically acclaimed masterpiece. The big problem he had is that he was too preoccupied criticizing and embodying technology to write a story that did not make you wish you were dead.


  1. Oh Good Heavens.
    This book is just beautiful in the worst way possible, hah.
    Like it's the awful that's so bad it's almost awesome.

    And I love the shot at Land.

  2. hahaha, wow chad oh chad...yes let it out, guess I wont tell you how I have this book signed and framed on my wall at home, oops there I did it i said it outloud you crazy bastard....well played sir...and poor Greg Land, why does everyone got to hate on Land...i mean maybe he has Carpel Tunnles ya know?

  3. "It's like staring into cancer!"

    wow! i wish this was a blurb on one of my books.