Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Possum!

Indy Comic Book Week is halfway through at this point, and I hope you guys came in and gave some new books a shot. At the very least, I hope you gave them a quick once over while picking up your copy of Blackest Night #6. Keep in mind that the former is the better of those two scenarios.

I was pretty blown away by the selection we received from a bunch of really talented and independent creators this week. We had everything from giant wolves with tentacle mouths, to gripping stories about life on the skids. Amidst this eclectic collection there was one book that stood out to me personally, The Possum!

The story in this issue starts with our main character, The Possum, depositing a large bag of nickels at the bank. His tedious deposit is soon interrupted by a group of gun toting, luchadore midgets! The luchadores only speak in Spanish, and the author even wrote all of their dialogue in Spanish as well. It's neat guys! The luchadores rob the bank while the Possum is outside, struggling to put on his costume quickly. Once the costume is on, he leaps onto the luchadores getaway car. From this point on, the entire issue is a well orchestrated car chase scene. It has rocket launchers, guns, insults in Spanish, and a lot of explosions. It's pretty awesome and also pretty funny.

The art in this book made me feel like I was reading strips from Mad Magazine. That's a compliment, as I loves me some Mad Magazine. The art is fun and simple, but had a lot of energy and movement. The car chase scene was well paced and had a lot of detail to it. Any complaints about the art style being too simple would be forgotten once they noticed all of the detail in the drawings and the pleasing page layout. It may be simple and cartoony, but it's done well.

What happens when you have a comic book about a guy in a goofy Possum costume trying to stop luchadore midgets from getting away with the goods? Simply put, a lot of fun. Kudos to the Possum!

Stop in and check out the rest of the cool selection from Indy Comic Book Week! If you want to let me know what you thought was cool, then please email at You can also leave a comment below, I'm not picky. You don't need to have a google account to leave a comment anymore either, so comment away!

Until next time!
-Action Chad

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