Friday, April 30, 2010


X-Force #26

This is the fifth part of the "Second Coming" storyline, that has taken over all of the X-books. Since it is a part of that story, there is little to no members of X-Force in this book. It just follows the A-list X-men as they try and rescue Hope, the supposed mutant messiah. That may be a bum out for you, if you really only want to read about the X-Force team in a book called X-Force that is.

The story is pretty rad though. I've really enjoyed the "Second Coming" story thus far, and I'm not really that into the X-Men. That means they have to try extra hard for me to give a crap about their adventures, and it's working! This issue has a lot of fights, good dialogue, and an ending that is a real swift kick in the boys...and by "boys", I mean my groin.

Seriously, the ending is rough. You should probably buy this issue now, as it may be collectible in the future.

Invincible #71

Hey! Invincible is back! I'm so glad that this book has stopped being put behind schedule due to Image United! Image United #3 still has not come out by the way! Laugh with me about that! HAHAHAH!

Anyways, back to a book that matters. This book picks up where Invincible Returns (the one shot from a few weeks ago) left off. Mark is back in his old costume and he is getting ready to leave Earth to go fight viltrumites. Not too much happens in this issue though. There are a couple fights, and some talking. It's nothing we haven't seen already, or wasn't covered in Invincible Returns for that matter. Ryan Ottley's pencils are still awesome, but that isn't anything new either.

It's kind of like getting a cup of coffee with an old friend just to catch up on things. The next time you hang out, new things will happen. For right now though, just kick back and remember when you were together. That's how I feel about this issue, it's like an old friend has finally started talking to me again after a rough time. I'm glad this friend is back.

Punisher #16

The "Frankencastle" arc comes to a close in this issue, and it is AWESOME. Every issue of this series has been a gem thus far. They have had amazing action sequences, great dialogue that is full of wit, and the art is detailed and full of energy.

If you were upset over The Punisher getting turned into a Frankenstine, then I must implore you to give this series a shot. It's probably the most fun I've had reading comics in the past two years. The Punisher remains in character, except he can kill more people at a faster rate. That's pretty great, but what if I told you that there were monsters and tons on Engrish speaking Japanese monster hunters as well? That's right, you're starting to get it now, it's amazing. Every person that I have convinced to buy this book has been coming back for more every month, and this issue is no exception.

If you still enjoy things that are fun in your life, and you don't totally should be reading The Punisher.

-Action Chad

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