Sunday, May 2, 2010


Oh my word guys! Free Comic Book day was bananas! I knew the lure of comic books that were free was great, but you people were like ravenous animals fighting over the last scraps of meat from a fresh kill! Well over 1,000 comic books disappeared from our store within the first three hours of the event. That's pretty incredible!

Is this really a surprise though? Not to this guy, and I'll tell you why. First rule of the universe, Coast City brings the goods. We hooked you guys up with free comics, food, sales, and costumed super heroes. We also had music rocking, pinball, and general craziness. The energy was electric, it was an awesome experience. If you missed it this year, you better make it next year.

Let me tell you what's so special about this photo. The guy in the Booster Gold costume, that's me. That's right, I got dressed up for you guys. You want to know why, because you guys are the best comic shop patrons a guy could ask for. I would gladly pose for pictures in that getup all day, it was great. I even walked around downtown with Blue Beetle (Christopher Morey) spreading the comic book joy to the average Portland street walker. While on our journey, we stopped by the Real World casting call line that was outside the Stadium. We chatted it up with the young hopefuls, took some photos, and then warned them not to do anything too embarrassing in front of a national viewing audience. You may never see anything like it again in this city.

I wish I had taken a ton of photos of the event. However, you may notice that my costume has no pockets. This made the picture taking a little difficult. Also, spandex is not so great for touch screen phones like mine. If you guys have any photos from the event that you wouldn't mind sharing, then please send them over to me at I know we'll have a bunch of video from the event within a few weeks. Once that's available, I'll be posting it all over this bad boy.

Until more media becomes available, just know that Free Comic Book Day was pure fun. We appreciate everyone who came in on Saturday. You guys are the greatest customers in the world.

-Action Chad

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