Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Marvel Vs. DC Revisited Part 4

Finally! The last part of this series of articles!

For those of you just joining this, I've been taking a look back at the 1996 miniseries DC Vs. Marvel. This was a story that pitted each companies most popular characters against each other, some of them for the first time. They had the fans vote to decide the winners, so it was basically a popularity contest. I thought it would be fun to do something like that again, now that over ten years have passed. Every superhero mentioned in these match-ups is the version that appears in their respected comics right now. I hope that clears up some of the confusion that some people have had. I know some people have not agreed with my choices thus far, but for every person that disagrees with me their is one that agrees. Fanboy tempers are flaring, and there are only two match-ups left!

Spider-Man Vs. Superboy

Superboy has all of Superman's powers, in addition to tactile telekinesis. Spider-Man has the proportional strength and speed of a spider, in addition to his danger alerting spider-sense. We all know that if this was based upon powers and abilities that Superboy could just throw Spidey into space. This is based upon who the fans would vote for. Because of that, I'm going with Spider-Man on this one.

Spider-man is way more popular than Superboy. Spider-Man is the everyman of comic books. People can relate to him, he's the ultimate underdog. It makes sense that the comic community, and beyond, would vote for Spidey in this match-up. I'm not saying nobody cares about Superboy either, I really like this character. In fact, he's my favorite version of Superboy to date. He just is not as popular as Spidey though. I say the web head takes this one in some type of weird fashion like he did in '96...he threw him into an electrical box and knocked him out in the '96 story... (Marvel 7 DC 4)

Red Hulk Vs. Superman

This one is all about power! In the '96 series, the Green Hulk and Superman beat the hell out of each other in the Grand Canyon. Now the main Hulk is the Red Hulk, who is a little bit stronger and meaner than the original. Can Superman beat this new addition to the Marvel Universe? I'm going with yes.

Saying Superman is an icon is an understatement. He stands head and shoulders above the rest of the comic book community in terms of recognition. DC has also overpowered this character to the point where him losing anything is laughable. The Red Hulk is not nearly as popular. In fact, most fans just wish he would go away. I'm sure even Hulk fans would vote for Superman, just so they could see the Red Hulk get slapped around for a while. I know I would!

Superman takes this one easily. The only time I could imagine that the voting would be close on this is if it was the Planet Hulk version of The Hulk fighting Superman. That would be so awesome! Make it happen comic creators! Superman wins, yay. (Marvel 7 DC 5)

Well it looks like Marvel wins this time around. I've got sales numbers to back up my picks if you don't believe me!

The Sentry Vs. Superboy Prime

Now I thought of one last fight that I thought would be fun. The difference with this one is that you, the readers, get to decide the winner! The battle is between each universes own super powered crazy person. That's right! It's The Sentry versus Superboy Prime! You decide internet!

I hope you guys enjoyed these series of articles. I really enjoyed taking a look back, and really ruffling some feathers for some of you. I'll make sure to do things like this again in the future.


  1. This was an awesome series of articles. Really hoping for something similar in the future!

    Also, the final match is a great one. Fans love to hate both characters. I personally like the Sentry more than Prime, but I think Prime would take it simply for what happened in Siege.

  2. I actually had to spend 3 minutes debating this with an internal monologue..."Superboy Prime is a bitch, Sentry would wipe his ass with his own cape"..."But S-Prime has this ANNOYING habit of coming back again and again and again and well, you get the point"..."Oh, cake!"..."S-Prime would probably win but I'm voting for the Sentry cause I ain't voting for a bitch like S-Prime"..."enough debate, gotta poop"

  3. Sorry but I'm going for superboy. Of course fan favorite is going to be poor peter parker but I think Connor Kent would mop the floor with webhead and please would the red hulk just dissapear from our consciousness and sentry over superboy prime for sure at least they never made prime likeable...