Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Quickies 6/23/10

Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne #3

I'll admit that I was not a huge fan of the first issue of this series. It left me with too many questions for an introductory issue. I felt like issue 2 is where things finally started to move, pieces were coming together. Now we're at issue three, and I must say that I am now a fan of this miniseries. Things are starting to get good.

I don't blame Grant Morrison, the writer of this yarn, for me taking a little bit to get on board. It's not his fault. It's my fault for somehow expecting things would be different with this story, as opposed to others he has written. He takes a while to get going, and you're left with a lot of questions in the first couple of issues. I should know this, I've been reading Joe the Barbarian, I should know this!! Me being annoyed with Grant Morrison is like being annoyed with Jerry Bruckheimer for making a movie with a lot of explosions. It just doesn't make sense at this point.

The idea of Bruce Wayne being lost through time is a pretty cool concept. It's even more interesting to suggest that Bruce Wayne has literally built the physical and social foundation of Gotham City throughout history. It's a wild idea, but so far it's coming together well. You may want to wait until it's finished before you read it. Most Grant Morrison stories read better in graphic novel form. If you want to read it monthly, then who am I to stop you. I'm sure you'll enjoy this fun romp through time no matter what now.

Superman #700

This book left me dissapointed. I've had high hopes for this issue in particular, ever since I heard J. Michael Straczynski (JMS) was taking over as the writer. The guy wrote several of my favorite Spider-Man stories, I'll give him a chance on anything. His idea of having Superman walking across America in an effort to re-connect with humanity intrigued me. Sadly, this issue is broken into three different stories with three different writers. The JMS portion is merely a prolouge to what I thought this whole issue was going to be about.

The other two stories are okay, not great. The first story, by James Robinson and Bernard Chang, showed Superman getting back together with Lois after being on Krypton for a while. It's sweet, but its page layout makes it feel choppy and confusing. Also, Superman prefers Italian food over Chinese. Just so you know.

The second story is entertaining, but it's not really a Superman story. It is actually about Robin (Dick Grayson) and how he tries to go on an adventure by himself, only to have Superman intervene at the end. It's not bad, but this didn't seem like the place for this type of story. Also, it's about Robin and not Superman.

If you're looking for a good Superman comic book that has multiple stories from different writers, then check out the Superman 80 page giant from a few months back. That was a great book that accomplished what is trying to be done in Superman #700.

If you're excited about the JMS walking across the country story like I am, then wait until issue 701. You aren't really missing anything if you skip this one.

Justice League: The Rise of Arsenal #4

I can't take this series anymore! Arsenal's life has become so depressing that I am contemplating suicide just reading about it.

DC is really hoping to grab you with shock value with the Green Arrow books as of late. For me, it's not working. The Arsenal books, in particular, have been uncomfortable to read. I think this issue goes over the line a bit, having the ghost of his recently deceased daughter telling him that he sucks and he needs to kill for revenge. Seriously? As if getting back on heroine wasn't bad enough? I don't know!

I never had any personal attachment to this character, and I certainly haven't developed any over the course of this story. If you enjoy feeling like you want to drown yourself in the toilet, then read this book.

Sea Bear and Grizzly Shark

Can you imagine if this was real????! Holy crap, life would be terrible!!

This book is hilarious. Stop whatever you are doing and go buy it right now. Adam Cogswell and I read it together. We laughed and laughed and laughed.

I'm dead serious about this. I'm making a note, that this is going on my top ten books of 2010 list at the end of the year. Loved it!!

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  1. I wish I was reading Sea bear and grizzly Shark right now...but I have to agree with you on everything you said in each review. I was hesitant about that Superman 80 page giant but it was really really good and so much better then Supe's #700 WOW what a blasted sour grape really? come on guys at DC HULK 600 was 10 times better then this and that's saying a lot! and yes and yes and yes to grant Morrison and time traveling romp with Bruce Wayne, maybe now Final Crisis will make sense, please? is that too much to ask for? is it?