Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Quickies! 6/16/10

New Avengers #1

Luke Cage and the rest of the gang are done hiding underground and are moving into Avengers Mansion! That's right, they've finally got their piece of the pie!

The celebration is short lived though, as nefarious forces from another dimension are after the Eye of Agamoto. The New Avengers get involved, naturally, and this book really hits the ground running.

Stuart Immonen's art is fantastic. He's one of my favorite artists out there today. I'm sure that after you see this issue, you will be in agreement. The story itself is great too. Bendis (the writer) keeps this book moving at a brisk pace, with witty dialogue and an awesome magic battle. Overall, this book is the total package, I can't recommend it enough.

It also reveals that Wolverine's mutant power is multi-tasking. Who knew?

Atlas #2

The mystery of 3-D's man dreams, that involved the Agents of Atlas, continues to develop in this issue. After sneaking into the Atlas foundation's secret city, located below San Francisco, 3-D man is filled in on who are the members of Atlas and what their plans are. They agree to help 3-D man with his dreams, and he helps the Agent of Atlas beat up monsters in Iceland. Cooperation is just the best sometimes, you know?

The art in this book is solid. My only complaint is that the colors seemed washed out all the time. It seems like they're using a color scheme that would work great for flashbacks, not necessarily in the present though. The story is a lot of fun, it like a 1950's sci-fi flick set in modern times. I can't get enough of it. The dialogue between characters is great as well. Gorilla Man stands out the most, as I enjoy his wisecracks a great deal.

If you've been hesitant about jumping on this book, don't be. It's a lot of fun, and full of everything that makes comic books what they are.

Darkwing Duck #1

I'll let you guys in a little secret about me. I always hoped to make it big in the comic book world someday. If I did, I wanted to work on a Darkwing Duck comic book. That's the honest to God truth guys. In the meantime though, I'll gladly settle with reading this comic.

Drake Mallard isn't being Darkwing anymore? Robots patrol the city? Megavolt works in the same cubicle as Drake does? Holy crap, what is going on?! It's kind of like The Dark Knight Returns meets Darkwing Duck, but I'm into that idea. Oh, I actually just looked inside the cover and saw it was called "The Duck Knight Returns", hah, I'm very perceptive.

The writer, Ian Brill, has got the feel of the original television show down. Darkwing rambles on too long in his intros, Gosalyn is out of control, and the villains are goofy. All the pieces are there. The art, by James Silvani, is just like the television show as well. Everything about this should please fans of this Disney Afternoon favorite.

You should buy it for yourself, or at least a child you know. They'd love it too!

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  1. We talked about this in the shop, but yeah, New Avengers #1 was the total package. So so good. Easiest pick of the week ever.