Thursday, September 2, 2010

Quickies 9/2/10

Hey guys! It's still ridiculously hot out! I can't wait for Hurricane Earl to come rolling in and destroy the Sun. What happy days we will all have then!

Taskmaster #1

Here's a B-list villain that only a few people really care about. Luckily, I'm one of those guys. For those of you unfamiliar with Taskmaster, he has the ability to do anything, as long as he's seen someone else do it. Flip like Spider-Man, punch like Captain America, kick like Iron Fist... if he's seen it, then he can do it. That's a pretty cool power, in my opinion.

What happens when you've memorized so many different things, that you can't remember any of your personal memories? That's the question that this series asks as Taskmaster has to figure out who he is, while every assassin group on the planet is trying to kill him. Craziness!

This series reminds me a lot of Deadpool, as it's pretty funny and full of action. Taskmaster does have his own personality though, so don't worry about it being a clone of Deadpool. I'm sure that's a sigh of relief for anyone who feels there is too much Deadpool out there. In fact, there is even a line of dialogue in this book where Taskmaster says that he hopes Deadpool isn't there. Those people who hate Deadpool are probably annoyed that I just wrote Deadpool so many times in this paragraph. Sorry!

Fred Van Lente writes a really crazy and action packed story. Luckily for him, Jefte Palo does a great job of making all this insanity look awesome. This is a really great combination for a creative team. I especially enjoyed Palo's choice of giving Taskmaster more of a cloth mask as opposed to the ridiculous over-sized skull mask some artists give him. It's a nice halfway point between the costume I hate, and Udon's amazing costume they gave him during Agent X (pictured on the right.) That was so bad-ass.

This is a mini-series that I highly recommend. It's friendly to new readers, as it offers bio's on all of the characters and groups featured in this issue after the main story is finished. Fans of Taskmaster (the few and the proud) will enjoy it too. Also, it's full of AIM goons screaming "Death by Science!". I'm a big fan of that.

That's it for me guys, I'm going back to sweating to death in the store.


  1. AMEN to everything typed above. I've been a proud Taskmaster fan since Avengers: Initiative, and I'm glad to see him with his own series now (especially by Van Lente). I think every Tasky-lover agrees that the Udon costume was badass, so I'm glad you brought that up. Great review, man!

  2. I will be screaming "Death by Science" from now on. Also, can that be our band name?