Saturday, November 6, 2010

Review Invincible #75

Invincible #75

It's a bloody, intergalactic, superhuman, throwdown the likes o' which ya never seen in this months milestone issue of Invincible!

The Viltrumite War nears its conclusion in this issue as Invincible and the rest of the United Planets troops make a final assault on the Viltrumite home-world. If you figured the Viltrumites wouldn't take this type of aggressive behavior lying down, then you are correct. A bloody battle begins in this issue, with some serious casualties for both sides. This story continues to escalate into something that is so vast and epic, you wonder if they could ever bring Invincible down to fighting guys on Earth again.

Robert Kirkman's writing in this issue is good, but doesn't really advance any characters. Besides checking off the deceased box next to their names. It's an action issue, lots of brutal superhuman battles. For what it is, it's top notch. It moves at a quick pace and is full of dialogue that fits the scenes. Given the issue previous was an exposition issue, I think its safe to excuse that this is all action.

The art is where this book will blow you away. Ryan Ottley blows the doors off of the place with this issue. If you were wondering why this extra long issue was late, just take a look through to see why. Anyone that is familiar with Ottley's work, knows that it's full of detail. Thankfully, none of that was sacrificed for the daunting task of recreating this epic battles. I've also never seen someone punching someone through their fist into their opponents stomach, then continue upwards with the fist coming out of their opponents mouth look so good. Heads be bein' ripped off, and it's beautiful!

You may be thinking "Chad, this issue is $6.00! I'm not an oil tycoon! I can't afford that!". I say this! The invincible story is 36 pages, plus there's a science dog back-up story, PLUS there's a Tech Jacket back-up story. You're literally getting two comic books worth of material, for the price of two comic books. It's worth it.

I would definitely recommend this issue for anyone who was disappointed with War of the Superman or someone who loves Dragonball Z as well. It's an epic superhero space battle that is sure to entertain even the most jaded of comic book fans.

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