Friday, October 29, 2010

Review Teen Titans #88

Teen Titans #88

Take a good look at this cover. Notice how the characters are exploding off the page with smiles on their faces. That's because this book, much like Stella, has finally got its groove back. Keep in mind that they don't spend a Caribbean vacation Taye Diggs to do this. That's my obligatory "How Stella Got Her Groove Back" reference for this review.

The biggest change you're going to notice in this issue is going to be the roster. The fat has been trimmed and has been reverted back to the core members, as for as the 2000's are concerned. You have Superboy, Wonder Girl, Beast Boy, Kid Flash, Raven, Ravager, and another memeber that is revealed on the last page. To say that this mystery member has left me giddy for what is to come, is an understatement. It's a team that looks like it can do some damage, and it looks good.

J.T. Krul, writer, demonstrates a great understanding of these characters right from the beginning. It's very reminiscent of how Geoff Johns handled the characters when the series was rebooted several years ago. By that, I mean the characters are complex, interesting, and fun. He manages to throw in some new monkey wrenches into their lives in this issue, that are sure to make for some interesting moments in the future. He also has them beat down blood thirsty mutants in the first issue! Fantastic!

Nicola Scott really blew me away in this issue. The Teen Titans look phenomenal in this issue. He uses a lot of dynamic angles and poses for the characters, which make them look powerful. He reminds me a lot of Frank Cho, who is one my favorite artists. He also made Raven and Beast Boy look older than the rest of their team mates. I only point that out, because they're supposed to be. I usually seem them as still being drawn as teenagers, as opposed to the mentors of the group. It's awesome stuff and I hope he stays on this book for a while.

If you felt like Teen Titans left you out in the cold a long time ago, then come back into the warmth. The weather is beautiful on Titans island and looks like things are only going to get better from here.

-Action Chad


  1. Action Chad, with all due respect the featured title in this particular review is so mainstream and superfluous as to the current comic scene that it hardly bears mention.I'm about six weeks or so into receiving Coast City updates.Both the featured comics on the home page and the reviews of almost nothing but DC and Marvel titles leave me wondering as to whether or not the Great State of Maine's comics community is aware that DC and Marvel are not the only publishers of comics in the world? Quite frankly even a bad review of an independent title that I may like is at least an acknowledgement that there are other comics companies out there.In our little corner of the comics universe locally here in the Triple Cities (Binghamton/Johnson City/Endicott,N.Y.) there is a growing complaint even among the DC and Marvel loyalists that both companies are flooding the market with generic sludge that recycle the same stories over and over again.This editorial tactic is as responsible for the slump in sales as the unjustified price hike during the worst economic meltdown that took both companies two and a half years to acknowledge and correct, but not without cutting back on story pages.Let's give the smaller companies a nod or two once in awhile.Not everything independent is a success but at least the majority of the time the quality is there.

  2. Hey Red Circle, we do have a separate a blog that is devoted to independent comics. You can find it at It's written by the stores owner, Gerald. It's been regularly linked to on our Facebook page and our newsletter.

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