Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Comics! 2/16/11

I'm waiting for a pizza to show up right now, so I may randomly start talking about food while writing this. It's a little something called "professionalism", check it out.

Thunderbolts #153

I'll admit that I've been a little bit bias about this book lately. The reason is that I love giant monsters, and that's what the Thunderbolts have been fighting. It's like Godzilla meets super heroes, and thanks to Jeff Parker's knack for 1950's era sci fi, it works really well. PIZZA IS HERE!! I am so excited, give me a sec...

Oh my god this pizza is so good...

Alright, where was I... Luke Cage punching monsters! Right! This story has a quick pace to it and jumps around quite a bit. It doesn't feel choppy though, which is always a possible pitfall for a fast paced team book. The interactions between the newest member, Hyperion (who's a total jerkwad), and the rest of team provide a lot of humorous and action packed moments. It's a fun issue that looks great. What more can you ask for?

Silver Surfer #1 (of 5)

This is a brand new miniseries about Marvel's silvery, planet sized lunch finder and it's written by Greg Pak. The issue starts right at the end of Chaos War (super cool, if you never read it) and we find the Surfer being his usual philosophical self. He's contemplating his existence, the cosmos, delicious pizza, and where to get Galactus his next meal. After dropping Galactus off at an intergalactic buffet, the Surfer ends up back on Earth. What happens from here, ends up with the Surfer being in a position he hasn't been in before. It's new, very intriguing, and possibly deadly for our hero.

It's difficult to view this issue as anything but a setup issue, but it's a good one. The character is handled well and the art looks great. Who knows where the rest of this series will go, but I'm definitely going to be reading to find out.

Generation Hope #4

This issue marks the end Hope Scooby-Doo'ing around the globe activating new mutants. There have been some wins, and one major loss, but I'd say it was a reasonable success. These new mutants are starting to become actual characters. We're getting to what their powers can do, their hopes, fears, and possible love interests. They're a cool group, especial Teon the dog boy. He cracks me up. It's a fun book that is only getting better as it moves along. I'd recommend it to anyone looking for a fun X-book to jump into. Also, Teon catches a fish. Here it is.

Brightest Day #20

Two Aquaman issues in a row! That explains why I've been raving about Brightest Day so much lately. With six issues left of this series, we're beginning to see a lot of dramatic action. Prophecies are being fulfilled, people are dieing, and one big questions is beginning to form in my head...can you trust the white lantern? This issue features a huge battle between Aquaman and the undersea menaces that has been locked away in the Bermuda Triangle. It's brutal, action packed, and Mera shows just how powerful she is. It's a really cool issue with a shocker ending. I say you should be reading it! So do it!

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