Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Comics! 2/9/11 Iron Fist Edition!

Iron Fist managed to appear in four different books this week. Considering that his series was put on hiatus several years ago, and that he isn't Batman or Wolverine, I'd say that's a pretty impressive feat. Here's a brief breakdown of the books he appeared in this week.

New Avengers #9

I wasn't really blown away by this issue. I hate to say that, really I do. I'm such a huge fan of New Avengers that I've literally developed heart palpitations from writing that first sentence. This is a very cryptic setup issue and the Nick Fury flashback scenes drawn by Howard Chaykin left a bad taste in my mouth. While the Nick Fury portion is confusing, the Mike Deodato pages with the New Avengers are full of the great action and humor that I've come to expect from this title. It's a pretty cool issue, but not up to sky high standards this book has already set. I just hope the next issue only has one artist.

Heroes For Hire #3

This series has really picked up the pace since its debut issue. We're no closer to discovering why Misty Knight is being held under duress by the Puppet Master, but we do see some things set into motion. Paladin confronts Iron Fist about Misty's dissapearance, which naturally results in an all out brawl. Meanwhile, Moon Knight fights a dinosaur. I'm serious about that, and it's totally awesome. This is turning into a really intriguing series, and it's easy on the eyes to boot! I recommend picking this one up.

Power Man and Iron Fist #1 (of 5)

Spinning out of the pages of Shadowland: Power Man, comes the debut issue of Power Man and Iron Fist. Iron Fist has decided to take the new Power Man under his wing and train him to use his powers. While this sounds good on paper, it quickly becomes a headache for Iron Fist. Power Man is rude, impatient, and immediately gets in over his head in the first issue. It's like a buddy movie in a comic book that's full of kung fu. I'm giving this book my seal of approval too. It's also written by Fred Van Lente, who wrote the awesome Taskmaster miniseries. Also, this panel is in it...

Amazing Spider-Man #654

Revenge of the Spider-Slayer comes to a deadly conclusion in this weeks Amazing Spider-Man. Spidey is desperately trying to build a weapon to negate the Spider-Slayer's "insect sense", while the rest of the New Avengers are beating the crap out of bad guys to protect Mayor Jameson. He's also trying to keep his secret identity under wraps from his new boss at the same time. No pressure or anything guys. The story is fast paced, action packed, and full of Spidey goodness. Stefano Caselli continues to impress with his visuals on this issue. The entire cast is vibrant and full of expression. I'm going to recommend this issue as well, mostly due to its crushing ending. It also has a bonus story for the new Venom series! It looks so cool!

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