Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Comics! 3/16/11

Since today is 3/16, I'd like to to give a "hell yeah" to Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Now on to the comics!

Brightest Day #22

Brightest Day has been a real test of patience for me. I keep telling myself that there is going to be a huge payoff at the end. There will be a moment that will shake the DC Universe to its very core. That this journey has been worth it. This issue does little to assuage my feelings that this whole thing has been a bust.

It's not that things don't happen mind you, Firestorm does fight the Anti-Monitor and a character dies. You are gipped out what looked to be a cool fight though. It just doesn't help answer the bigger question, what the hell is going on?! The lack of information that's been given for this entire series is causing solid single issues to be really frustrating. Throw me a bone here!

Overall, it's not bad issue. With only four issues left of this series, you feel like there would have been more details about the over arching theme.

Fear Itself: Book of the Skull

While I've become frustrated with Brightest Day for its lack of information, Book of the Skull provides me with just enough to get really excited about Fear Itself.

In this prologue issue, we find Sin (the daughter of the original Red Skull) and Baron Zemo entering one of the original Red Skull's old bunkers. Sin is in search of a book that contains the notes to one of her father's greatest failures during World War II, summoning the Norse God of Fear. We're treated to a flashback involving Cap, Bucky , and Namor as they try and thwart the Red Skull before his plan comes to fruition. It's a well crafted story that definitely builds anticipation and how scary this new enemy could be for the heroes of today.

Whether this event will be a bust remains to be seen. If it's as good as this prologue issue, then we'll be talking about this story for years to come. Stop in and check this book out!

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