Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Comics! 3/23/11

I've experienced a bit of comic overload this week. There's so many awesome titles on the shelves, I've found it difficult to not have some type of nerd stroke. Thankfully, I've survived long enough to provide you with a candid look at two titles that really stuck out for me. My my, we are getting so personal you and I.

Captain America #615.1

These .1 issues have been excellent so far, and Captain America 615.1 is no exception. If this story was going to have a title, it would be called "The Return of Steve Rogers." Or it could be called "The Great Noodle Disaster of 2011". Just kidding, it could never be called that. Seriously, though this issue sets into the motion what we all knew would be coming now that the Cap's movie premier looms in the horizon. Steve Rogers will be Captain America once more.

It doesn't feel forced though. We find Steve coming to grips with his new job as head of SHIELD, admitting he misses his previous "life" as Captain America. Meanwhile, private industry has produced a new Captain America to fill the void now that Bucky is off in a Russian prison. This new Cap sets a record for how quickly someone can be caught and tortured by AIM, and Steve ends up saving him. It's simple and to the point, but handled with such grace by Ed Brubaker that it feels important. If you're looking for a great jumping on point for Cap, then this is it.

Green Lantern #64

It's official, I'm interested in Green Lantern again. Despite months of exposition, that I felt like I was drowning in, we're finally getting to the point. Krona has made his move and things look grim for Hal Jordan.

Note that I only said Hal Jordan. That's because most of the book focuses on Hal, which is something I've been missing for the past year (that may be an exaggeration, I just don't have an exact date). I want to know what Hal's thinking and doing, I don't want to hear about every other colored lantern under the sun. This book has that in spades, plus a bad guy that's making some major moves. It's fun, new, and exciting. It's what I've been wanting out of my Green Lantern books.

Will War of the Green Lanterns be as good as Sinestro Corps War or Blackest Night? If this first issue is any indication, I'd say it's on track to be on par with those events. I'm into it guys!

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