Friday, April 1, 2011

Comics! 4/1/11

I've been put in charge of protecting all of the basement long boxes today. I'm not sure if there are roving hordes of nerds looking to pillage such a collection, but I stand here in defiance of their possible existence. Juggalos too, those wretched creatures will not steal these comics! No sir!

There's also a snowstorm on the first day of April. I know we're located in Maine, which has a history of unpredictable weather, but this is bananas. If this is some ethereal beings idea of an Apil Fools Day joke, then I must say to thee "not funny".

Anyways, let's talk about some comics that came out this week!

Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters #1

With the exception of the 90's American version, Godzilla movies are awesome. The delightfully low budget films have developed an insane following and has led to Godzilla being a houseold name all over the world. When a series of films is that popular, it typically leads to a comic book series. The transition to the comic book world has never really been that great though. It's always seemed rushed and lacking the polish of a seasoned comics professional. What works for film (low budgets) doesn't work for comics.

That changes now! Eric Powell (The Goon), Tracy Marsh, and Phil Hester have decided to make an action packed, humorous, monster comic that is sure to delight any fan of the movies. It should also delight comic book fans too, which is good because that's who they're selling these too.

The only detriment to this issue is that it's a little short. There are four pages devoted to different variant covers of the comic you're reading. I would have rather had four more pages of story than a thumbnail gallery. Either way, the story is a blast and the art is great. It's monster mayhem in a comic, the way it always should have been.

Batman: Detective Comics #875

Despite all of the amazing books that came out this week, this book was my favorite. Scott Snyder already made this my favorite Batman title on the shelves, there's no argument about that. With this issue he's written one of my favorite Batman related issues ever, and the caped crusader doesn't even show up until the next to last page.

Memories are haunting Jim Gordon on a snowy night in Gotham. The issue opens with him tracking down a killer from a case that originated back when he was a lieutenant on the force. As he tries to apprehend the criminal, we view scenes from Jim's past. A summer camping trip with his family, which includes his recently returned and criminal son. The past and present are weaved together seamlessly and should cause anyone with a pulse a good level of anxiety. By the end of the issue you don't know who is more terrifying, the killer in the present or Gordon's son in the past. The moody art from Francesco Francavilla is the cherry on the top of the crime noir sundae that is Snyder's writing. He makes children look so scary. I'm not sure if that's something to be proud of or not, but it works perfectly here.

After reading it, I immediately tweeted at Mr. Snyder to let him know that I loved it. It blew me away and I can't encourage you enough to read this series. It is fantastic.

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