Wednesday, April 27, 2011

This week in the life of comics 4/28/11

I'm going to propose an idea to you all. What if the Infinity Gauntlet had to be worn on your head instead? Well wonder no more, BEHOLD!

I'm probably in the minority about this, but I feel like this is the direction they should have gone in.

Anyways, let's talk about comics.

Action Comics #900

I understand some people took exception to me booing Action Comics #900 in our Tuesday night video. If you're unfamiliar with this video, then I recommend you become a fan of our facebook page. We film a video every Tuesday night where we showcase comics that are available for purchase the next day. I routinely make an ass of myself on a weekly basis, it's good times.

I digress, I ended up booing Action Comics #900 because I was bummed Superman was coming back into the regular story line. It's not the most professional thing to do as a manager of a comic shop (I mean, I am in the business of selling books), but it is my honest reaction as a fan of the series. I really enjoyed how the book become Luthor only and was sad to see that go. I've always approached this job as a fan first, and a salesman second. I could tell you everything is wonderful and fantastic in order to get you to buy things (which I did at a soul crushing phone job in the past), but that's just not how I do things.

To the point! I really enjoyed this issue. Paul Cornell is a great writer and he writes Superman better than most writers have in a while. He tied up the story arc well and even managed to touch upon all the guest appearances that have occurred throughout this series. It was full of action and a very intense situation which really touched at the core of Superman and Lex's relationship. The Doomsday bits were pretty crazy as well. It was a lot of fun, albeit bittersweet for me. I'll be giving #901 a chance when it comes out. Hopefully Cornell's Superman will keep me as interested as his Lex Luthor has for months.

Secret Avengers #12.1

I'll be the first to admit that I was a little nervous when I heard Nick Spencer was taking over writing duties for Ed Brubaker. I am a huge fan of Brubaker's writing and I was a little underwhelmed by Iron Man 2.0 (written by Spencer), so I wasn't sure how this was going to work out. With that being said, I thought this book was awesome.

Has Nick Spencer been waiting forever to write Steve Rogers? After reading this issue, I'm thinking so. In fact, the rest of the cast is written well too. I really feel like he's bringing his A-game to this book. It reminds me of how well Rick Remender is doing on X-Force. This seems like a project of love, not work.

Scot Eaton delivers the goods on pencils as well. The book maintains its gritty, action packed look. I especially enjoyed his take on Valkyries outfit. It's been needing an update for a while now.

If you were worried about this book changing hands, please don't. Nick Spencer is keeping up the awesome pace of this book.

Other Stuff

Venom #2 felt like it was a "part 2" of a story that never had a part 1. It still really liked it, but it felt out of place. SPOILER WARNING. I am heavily intrigued by the last page though. I interpreted is as the symbiote is learning from Flash Thompson, and may even enjoy its new role. Seeing the symbiote grow as a character is intriguing to me, and I hope that continues.

I feel like I've read three preludes to Flashpoint in the pages of The Flash at this point, but this issue was still good. FF continues to be amazing and full of Doom. Spider-Man was a lot of silly fun. Captain America really delivered this and Brightest Day blew the damn doors off the place. It was a good damn week.

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