Monday, February 22, 2010

Justice League: Crisis On Two Earths

The new Justice League animated movie comes out tomorrow, and you may be wondering if it's worth your hard earned money. Luckily for you guys, I managed to get my hands on an early copy. Let's find out if dropping $20 is a good idea!

The story, based on Grant Morrison's JLA: Earth 2, is solid. Despite the film being about doppelgangers from an alternate Earth, it's not an in depth look at the choices one can make and how those choices have a lasting impact. That's not a bad thing though. Instead we have movie that is vibrant, action packed, with well developed characters. You can ascertain your own thoughts on doppelgangers since the characters are portrayed so well, while also watching them kick butt. It's a good balance between the two.

Unlike the Superman/Batman movie, the animators decided not to copy the art style of the artist of JLA Earth 2. Since that artist was Frank Quitely, that's probably for the best. I can't imagine how long that would have taken! The animation is smooth and colorful. The fight scenes are animated particularly well, showing a variety of fighting styles. It's not imitating Frank Quitely's work, but it's still visually appealing and fun.

The voice talent is strong in this movie. Each cast member does a good job and they define their characters well. I couldn't believe they were able to get James Woods to play Owl Man. I'm a total James Woods nerd. Ever since he took over the Kwik-E-Mart when Apu was fired on The Simpsons. He definitely makes Owl Man the strongest character portrayed. His voice work alone, sets the stage for this new Earth. It's dark, cold and a little crazy.

So is it worth the money? I'm saying yes! I thought it was a well done animated feature that even someone who has no idea about DC's alternate Earth's would enjoy it. If you are familiar with the inner workings of the DC universe, then there are a lot of cameos that you will enjoy seeing. Also, Wonder Woman really kicked the snot out of a lot of people in this movie, she's brutal! (I think I'm in love!)

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-Action Chad

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  1. Just watched this. I wish when Superman sees Aquaman he just goes "Psh, yeah right!"