Saturday, February 27, 2010


There were some pretty awesome moments in the world of comics this week. Normally, I would select just one panel that really stood head and shoulders above the rest. This week is different though, I could only narrow it down to three!

This is every young boys, and some girls, comic fantasy finally seeing print! This panel speaks for itself!

Next up is from this weeks Deadpool. There were a lot of really funny moments in this book, but for some reason this one stuck out the most to me. It's awfully kind of Spidey to see Hit-Monkey off at the airport. This is a fantasy scene though. You can tell because LaGuardia is not jam packed full of miserable people trying to get on a plane.

Lastly is this awesome scene from this weeks Fantastic Four. Mr. Storm is too hot to handle and too cool to wear conventional winter clothing. In your face scientists that will normally freeze to death in the Arctic air. You should try setting yourself on fire! He then coolly asks whether or not anyone ordered a pizza! You can't get pizza delivered on the North Pole! He's too much! You've just been STORMED scientists! Boom!

Good times! Until next time everyone!
- Action Chad

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