Friday, October 8, 2010

New York Comic Con Day 1

Wow, what a day. It feels like weeks have passed me by since I woke up at 6:30 this morning.

My first stop was a retailers breakfast, that was hosted by our distributor Diamond. I won't bore you with a lot of the details, ordering and numbers us pretty dry stuff. The good stuff that was announced for you guys is that all books from DC Marvel won't go above $2.99 beginning January 2011. Hooray! There was also Bacon, and I drank a whole pitcher of orange juice.

I played a lot of video games today. I finally got my mits on Marvel vs Capcom 3. It was an awesome game and I even won a few matches in the tournament, until I was destroyed by a professional player. Oh well, at least I received a free poster.

I also played the new Donkey Kong Country, and it is amazing. It will be in my home for sure. Not even two girls arguing over what is canon from previous Donkey Kong Country games ruined my experience.

The good folks at Sega gave me a demonstration on their upcoming Captain America game. This game looks really promising. I asked the developer if Cap-Wolf would be an alternate costume. He laughed and told me they wouldn't be digging that deep into the franchise.

Gerald met Rick Remender (Franken-Castle, X-Force, Fear Agent) while I was playing games. He bought some stuff from him and came and grabbed me, so I could meet him. Rick was one if the guys I wanted to see the most, so I was excited. We get over to his table and Remender informs Gerald that he really appreciated him buying his books, but he never paid him. Obviously, this wasn't intentional so we rib Gerald about this for a little while. I then asked him to sign my Punisher book. I posted a picture of what he wrote above. It's pretty funny.

I spent more time walking around checking out some great artists and booths. It's really a blast seeing all of these creative people being really excited about what they're working on.

To close out the night, I went to the Venture Bros panel. Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick are out of their minds. I love it. They didn't have any footage to show, since the season had just started. Instead they just took questions from the crowd and told stories. It was hilarious and well worth the hour plus I waited in line.

Tomorow ill be checking out the cup o' Joe panel and walking around eating pizza. It's a tough job folks!
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