Saturday, October 9, 2010

New York Comic Con Day 2

The hits keep on coming as day 2 has come to a close. What manner of beasts and magic did I witness today?

The con was absolutely packed today. I joked with one guy about how I felt like cattle being sent to the slaughter house. He laughed, but then sighed and stared at the floor. We shuffled forward. There were a lot of people.

My first stop was David Mack's table. David is one of the nicest guys in comics. If you ever get a chance to stop by his table, then you should take it. I purchased a Spiderman print from him which he was cool enough to sign.

I also had my copy of Uncanny X-Force signed by Rick Remender and Jerome Opena at the Midtown Comics booth. It was a real "wam bam thank ya ma'am" type of deal. I was a little hummed about that, but at least I got it signed by two talented guys.

Also! I spent some time talking to other comic shop employees this week and I can say for sure that our store is some type of Bermuda Triangle anomaly. They were all shocked when I told them Shadowland and Franken-Castle had sold well for us. Apparently you guys are the only ones that like our best selling books. I don't know why and I don't care either. You guys have great taste.

After that, I went to the Avengers Assemble panel. This panel was a lot of fun, and they gave us a few bits of information about upcoming Avengers titles. The most important thing, to me anyways, is that Luke Cage and Jessica Jone's nanny will be Squirrel Girl! Bendis told the crowd that upon hearing this, Matt Fraction told him "well we better call the Eisner committee and inform that there will be no need for voting this year." It was also revealed that Nick Spencer will be writing a War Machine title called Iron Man 2.0. Exciting stuff! The marvel group was a lot of fun. Especially Jonathan Hickman, who is a genuine crazy person.

After that, I went and paid $4 for a cherry coke. I'm from Maine guys. That's some serious cash to be dropping on a soda. My bank called me to make sure my card had not been stolen. I told them no, but I had been molested.

I then went to the Green Lantern: Emerald Empire panel. You're probably wondering what gems were revealed at this panel. What tasty comic book nuggets will leave you salivating for more? Well there weren't any. None, not a one. The only highlights were a guy in an amazing Larfleeze costume asking Geoff Johns what his most prized possession was and Ivan Reis acting like a nutcase. Reis kept saying his mother was in the crowd as the answer to any fans question. If you ever want me to do an impression of it, just ask me. Gerald really enjoys it. It's also important to note that Larfleeze tried to steal the mic stand after his question.

After that, the place was shutting down. We stopped off at Chipotle and then saw the new Resident Evil movie in 3D. I LOVE CHIPOTLE!

That's all for now guys!
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