Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Quickies 10/5/10

Wow! I'm sorry there hasn't been any updates between now and 24 Hour Comic Book Day, but I needed to take some mental health days after that marathon of insanity. We had 7 people complete the 24 hour challenge, which is quite a bit considering how hard it is to complete it. If you're ever talking to those people who completed it, make sure to shake their hand. They worked hard and deserve your respect.

I'll be scanning some of the comics we have tonight, and posting them tomorrow. There's some pretty funny/amazing stuff in there.

While I was having panic attacks last Wednesday through Friday, I neglected to do reviews! This will not do, so here they are!

Captain America #610

What can I say about this issue that hasn't been said about this series already. It's amazingly well written, and the art is top notch. I could gush about that for a few paragraphs, but instead I want to talk about why I think this issue is important to Bucky Barnes, the new Captain America.

This is the last issue of the "No Escape" storyline that features the return of Baron Zemo, or rather the original Baron's son as Baron Zemo. Zemo has taken Cap to task throughout this series and has left him unconscious and beaten on more than one occasion. At the beginning of this issue, Cap finds himself at the site of where he was believed to have died when he was the original Captain America's sidekick in WW2. Revisiting this location makes me Cap emotional and more determined the beat Zemo than ever before.

During their epic battle, Cap manages to gain the upper hand. Just as he is ready to finish Zemo off, he utters a sentence that cripples Cap more than any of the beatings he has received thus far. Taken aback, Zemo seizes the opportunity and defeats Cap.

Having the hero be beatable is critically important to me, and to storytelling as a whole. Cap can lose, and it casts a shadow of doubt in your mind when he's in a tight spot. It shows how strong the character is, if he keeps going after being knocked down.

With the trial of Captain America set to begin in the next issue, I can't encourage you to start reading Captain America enough. It's everything a comic book should be. Do yourself a favor and get caught up on this series.

Action Comics #893

Holy crap, I'm reviewing a book that's part of the Superman family. Wait? It's about Lex Luthor? Oh, well that's a horse of a different color! I loved that bald super genius and his Lois Lane Robot. Speaking of Lois Lane robots, like those wouldn't sell like hotcakes* if they were real. Just saying!

In this issue, we find Lex and company on the outskirts of Gorilla City. You may know Gorilla City as the home of the evil, super intelligent, psychic gorilla known as Gorilla Grodd. Lex is in search of the Black Lantern energy that was teleported away from him by Grodd, when he was on the North Pole. Calamity, and by calamity I mean brains are eaten, ensue and a very special cameo happens on the last page. I don't want to spoil it for you, but it's a popular character from an uber popular Vertigo title.

Paul Cornell, writer, crafts a tale full of so many twists and turns it will make your head spin. That's how a Lex Luthor book should be though. The guy thinks 50 steps ahead of everyone, nothing should be taken at face value. I especially enjoyed Cornell's take on Gorilla Grodd, as a crazy brain eating jerk. It's a lot of fun, especially if you enjoy a good story about the bad guys.\

Sean Chen pulls off another great issue. His work is full of detail and well organized. His gorillas are especially fierce, especially Grodd. I would also dare to say that I've never been more afraid of a gorilla with a giant spoon before. Good work Mr. Chen! I'll be having giant spoon related nightmares for weeks to come.

Overall, the series is progressing well. I'm looking forward to where this story arc will be when it reaches it's end. Out of all of the Superman books, I recommend this one the most.

That's it for this week! If you guys have any questions or comments, then feel free to leave a comment here. Also, if you want to email me then you can reach me at chad@coastcitycomics.net. You can also follow me on twitter @chadventure. Goodness I'm connected!

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