Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Marvel Vs. DC Revisited Part 2

Green Lantern Vs. Nova

In the Marvel Vs. DC story, they had pitted Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner) against The Silver Surfer. The Silver Surfer occasionally appears in space themed books now, but isn't as prominent as when this series was printed in 1996. I felt Nova would be a more appropriate foil to Green Lantern. They're both members of an intergalactic peace corps in their respective universe. Same deal, different outfits. I figured that makes more sense. I also figured the battle between these two would be awesome! The power of the Green Lantern ring against that of the Nova force? I'll take two tickets please.

In a real fight, I would find it believeable for Nova to beat Hal Jordan (he did rip Annihilus' heart out through his throat guys). This is based upon fan voting, so my personal thoughts are irrelevant. Green Lantern is insanely popular right now. He would easily steamroll Nova, or the Silver Surfer...or Jesus, in the polls. It is interesting to note that Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner) did lose in 96' series. Clearly, the Green Lantern stock has gone up since then. (Marvel 1 DC 2)

Elektra Vs. Catwoman

A battle of femme fatales! Overall, these two characters have probably changed the least since 1996. The most significant change would probably be Catwoman's attire. She traded in her people unitard, with knee high boots for a more utilitarian leather outfit. Smart choice there Catwoman!

In the 96' series, Elektra won the fan voting and ended up dropping Catwoman off of a girder in a construction site for the victory. I thought about it for a bit, and I don't really see that changing. Well, the victory part, not necessarily the girder thing. This seemed like one that people voted who they thought would actually win in a fight, as opposed to who was more popular. It's really the only time in the book that you see that happen. I think that's why Elektra won then, and why she would win know. Despite Catwoman's popularity, Elektra is brutal. The fans would recognize that. (Marvel 2 DC 2)

Captain America Vs. Batman

This one is perfect for this, as both of these mantles have been passed on to former sidekicks. Captain America is now James "Bucky" Barnes, the former Winter Soldier. Batman is now Dick Grayson, the former Robin and Nightwing. This matchup is perfect for a series like this.

The battle between Batman (Bruce Wayne) and Captain America (Steve Rogers) in 1996 ended with a victory for Batman. This was after they had battled for hours in a sewer, with neither combatant gaining the upper hand. At the end of the battle, the sewer system was flushed out, and Cap was caught in the water blast. He almost drowned, but Batman saved him. It was a pretty lame ending to what should have been an awesome fight.

Times have changed though! How would a fan vote go down now? In my opinion, I'm giving the nod to Captain America this time around. Batman fans are anxiously awaiting the return of Bruce Wayne as Batman. It doesn't seem that Dick Grayson really won over the fans with the passing of the mantle. Bucky taking over as Cap has though. This was noted by series writer Ed Brubacher when he has stated that the original plan was for Steve to return as Cap, but due to positive fan reaction, Bucky stayed under the mask of Captain America.

I'm not saying it would be a blowout or anything, but I'm saying Cap takes this one. The new Cap is cooler than the new Batman. I'm sure I will get some hate comments about that one, but I'm sticking to my guns! (Marvel 3 DC 2)


  1. If Catwoman and Elektra were pitted against each other from some unknown god-like source, the only chance Catwoman would have is to surprise attack Elektra between her fits of laughter when sizing up her opponent.

  2. i really can't tell if your doing this from comic accuracy, or popularity. for popularity dc takes all three of these. more people know gl, batman and catwoman than nova,elektra, and captain america.(although with cap it's close.) as for comic accuracy, gl takes it, and if it's steve rogers cap vs batman it's a tie, bucky cap vs. batman goes to batman. my score dc 3-1 or 2-1 depending on which cap.