Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Quickies 5/12/10

Daredevil: Cage Match

This one shot takes a trip back in time to the late 70's or early 80's. I'm guessing that's the era, because the writer says it took place "some time ago". Obviously, that's not a number I can work with. Luke Cage is wearing his silver headband and has some fierce I'm going with late 70's.

In the midst of knocking some bad guys around, Daredevil and Luke Cage (Cage match! get it?!) get into an argument about who could beat who up in a fair fight. Egos flair, and it is decided that they will duke it out at Daredevil's gym! Place your bets now folks, this one is sure to be a barn burner!

The rest of the issue features some fun dialogue between supporting cast members, each saying why the two fighters are crazy for doing it. I won't spoil who wins the fight, but I'll say it's a satisfying ending. I would pick it up, if you're looking for a fun story that's set in a simpler time. Or if you're looking to see Luke Cage rockin' the sideburns, either way...I won't judge you.

Justice League: Generation Lost #1

First off, Booster Gold looks like Michael Keaton on this cover. It's kind of creepy looking, and I'm not into it.

However, I enjoyed this book despite it's Keaton-esque cover. Maxwell Lord is back from the dead (it happened in Brightest Day, which is also great!) and he's already up to no good. Last time he was around he almost killed Batman by mind controlling Superman. Wonder Woman ended up snapping his neck, because all options were exhausted. This guy is seriously bad news. Now that he's back, what could he be up to? Well, Booster Gold and the rest of the former Justice League International would rather not find out. The hunt for Maxwell Lord begins here.

It seems to be a thing with DC for them to have far more interesting stories with their "C List" superheroes, than their top tier characters (gazes at the copy of Return of Bruce Wayne sitting on the counter). This book continues that trend, I really enjoyed it.

Amazing Spider-Man #631

I try not to review Spider-Man comics here, because I feel that my insane love of all things Spider-Man would lead me to be bias...BUT! I reallllly liked this issue.

This is the second part of the "Shed" storyline, which features the return of The Lizard. After the Lizard's grizzly re-emergence in the first part, which resulted in several victims being eaten, the Lizard is on the prowl for his estranged son. Spider-Man hits the scene, hoping to detain his old foe before anything terrible happens. The results of their battle are grizzly at best.

Chris Bachalo's interpretation of The Lizard is awesome. It's easily more lizard like than ever before, which actually plays into the story. The overall layout of the book is excellent. Watching Curt Connors try to break free of the Lizards grip through text boxes was very well done. This is just a great Spider-Man story. If you're into super heroics, tragedy, and science gone awry...then buy this book.

Hulk #22

They reveal who the Red Hulk and Red She-Hulk are! It's stupid!

Don't buy this issue. I wouldn't want anyone to be assaulted by all the hulked out versions of other Marvel Super Heroes. It's painful to look at, and reading it is even worse.

You can come into the store and just flip to the end if you want. I won't yell at you for doing so.

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  1. Hahahahaha, the review for Hulk had me in stitches. Seriously, I wouldn't be offended either if people just wanted to flip through the book then (literally) throw it back on the shelf.

    I'm stoked to hear that Cage Math was good, it's on my next to read pile. Also, this is written by Antony Johnston who will be co-plotting Daredevil for a bit with Andy Diggle so it'll be nice to get a little taste of what he has to offer.