Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Snap Judgments

Captain America #604

What Happens?: In this issue The Falcon, and a real falcon, beat the crap out of a bunch of guys on a train. The Falcon also talks to the bird while he is doing this. It makes him look like a lunatic, while his throwing dudes off of a speeding train. So much action!

Meanwhile, the 1950's cap forces Bucky to don his old costume. He fills Bucky in on his master plan, which is pretty DAM explosive! Haha! If you read this issue, then you got that pun!

Should I buy it?: If you have ever been watching a UFC pay per view and thought "This would be so awesome if they had birds fighting humans too!", then you should buy this issue.

Nemesis #1

What Happens?: This book starts off with Nemesis helping the police chief of Tokyo catch his train. Haha just kidding, he ties him to a chair so that a train can run him over. This happens while he blows up a building full of cops across town. Nemesis! You are such a cad!

Meanwhile, in Washington D.C. a super cop is cleaning up America. He is feeling pretty good after killing a few bad guys, and then he receives a note from Nemesis that he is coming to kill him! Yikes, sounds like it's bad day after all!

We then jump to Air Force One, where Nemesis jumps onto the plane and kills the pilots. He then lands the plane in the middle of a busy street in D.C.... very similar to the final scene in Con Air, I loved that movie! I would just like to point out that if this was the movie Air Force One, then Nemesis would have been beat up by Harrison Ford. He then goes on TV, with a bound and gagged President of the US, and says that he is going to destroy everything. Nemesis is pretty awesome guys!

Should I buy it?: If you enjoy awesome things and are not a total loser...then yes you should buy this.

Mighty Avengers #35

What Happens?: A couple of people with bad costumes show up to kick Hank Pym out of their science group. Pym is pretty apathetic about this and seems more concerned with repairing Jocasta...that robot he's banging.

Meanwhile, Ultron is back and he's taking over the Infinite Mansion. They don't really explain how Ultron survived the end of Annihilation: Conquest, which bothered me because that was a great Ultron story. He storms the mansion and forces Hank Pym and his cohorts to head outside of the mansion.

We then find that the mansion exists in a different reality, and it's built upon his dead ex-wife....somehow... I don't know.

Should I buy it?: No, Hank Pym is a weirdo. With any luck, Ultron will kill him in the next issue.

Breaking into Comics: The Marvel Comics Way #2

What Happens?: This cover is horrifying! I didn't even read it!

Should I buy it?: Not unless you want to have nightmares forever, I hate this cover! Get it away from me!!


  1. Concerning Breaking into Comics: The Marvel Comics Way #2, I read it and the stories are ok but not much to even discuss. Except the one with the New Mutants all of a sudden suffering terrible fates. No solid reason given, just seemed like an excuse to do horrible things to the characters.

    Oh and it might as well be called Breaking into Comics: For Aspiring Artists. There's one little blurb for aspiring writers for these two issues and that's it.

    And I totally agree, Ultron killing Hank Pym FTW.

  2. I would give Marvel $100 if they killed Hank Pym.

    I just don't get why anyone thought the cover to Breaking Into Comics would attract readers? It's so creepy looking.