Thursday, March 11, 2010

News and Updates!

The Phoenix voting has been extended until March 18th! That means you will have one more week to vote. It also means the contest for the $50 gift card has been extended!

I think some people may be confused, or even intimidated, by this contest. That's why I'm using a visual aid, in the form of someone who has already entered, to assist you.

This is Mr. Hellfire's entry (blog linked on the right of this page). It's also a perfect example of what it takes to enter. Note that he has himself in the picture and a sign that says he voted for me. He filled all the requirements! He also included Emma Frost, which I found humorous. He took a minute out of his day and now he is one step closer to $50! I don't know of any legal profession where you can get that much for money for that little amount of work!

So let's see some entries people! March 18th at midnight EST will be the cutoff!

I should also point out that you can make them as funny, or gross, or revealing as you want...but it's still a random drawing. None of those "little extra somethings" will help you win, if you catch what I'm laying down.

1 comment:

  1. Woot for me being a perfect example, more fuel for my narcissism. Also, I totally encourage people to join because you're essentially making a Myspace sign (and I'm CERTAIN some of you have done AND for free) for $50 at an amazing comic book shop.

    But I still hope Emma and I win because I have yet to get Ellis' Thunderbolts. And it also reinforces my belief that Emma Frost is the world's greatest comic book character. And I know there's plenty who hate her, so ask yourself, Do you really want Emma Frost to win $50 over you?

    And thanks for linking me!