Saturday, May 22, 2010

Marvel Vs. DC Revisited Part 1

Hey guys! I was checking out my old Marvel Vs. DC trade paperback, and thought it might be fun to revisit this concept using the heroes of today. For those of you who missed it, the original DC Vs. Marvel series decided the outcomes of the fights between popular heroes via fan voting. Essentially, it was a popularity contest. In the end, if I remember correctly, DC ended up edging out Marvel by one victory. A lot of time has passed though. Would the outcome remain the same today? Let's find out!

Thor Vs. Captain Marvel

The Norse god of thunder versus a mythical superman. FIGHT!

These two characters have gone through a lot of changes since their confrontation in DC Vs. Marvel. In Thor's case, he no longer looks like a hair band reject. When looking at his 90's costume (pictured right), it's hard to believe that anyone would tremble in fear while he was wearing a belly shirt. Plus he had all of those extra straps, chains, and shoulder pads....ugh, I just want to puke up into the air, then have it land back in my mouth, only to throw back up a second time onto the person that designed this's TERRIBLE! His new outfit is badass, and it totally reflects how much Thor dominates in battle.

The big change for Captain Marvel is that he is not the same guy anymore. He's Freddy Freeman, the former sidekick of the original Captain Marvel. His appearance isn't that much different, he just has longer hair now. I guess they wanted him to look less hokey than the original Captain Marvel, which had greased back short hair. Besides the physical change of hair, it's essentially the same thing. He has the same powers and weaknesses of the original Captain Marvel.

So who would win if this was put to a fan vote today? Given the fact I could find more people who could recite what's inscribed on the side of Thor's hammer than know that the mantle of Captain Marvel was even passed on...I'm going with Thor on this one. He's the Viking god of thunder man, there's no way you can compete with how awesome that is. He's way more popular than Captain Marvel. This would probably be a landslide victory. (Marvel 1 DC 0)

The Flash Vs. Quicksilver

The battle of the speedsters from each universe! Who is the fastest?

This one does not need nearly as much discussion as the previous bout. It's a no brainer, The Flash would win handily. I'm saying this as if it were a popular vote by fans, and if they were to fight for real. Quicksilver is a mother of two, speed walking, that you see on your morning drive, and The Flash is Usain Bolt. Quicksilver sucks and The Flash rules, deal with it planet Earth. (Marvel 1 DC 1)

Part 2 will be up soon!


  1. I can't believe that Thor costume. Hahaha, it's just too much 90's to handle.

    And concerning Quicksilver, there's also the fact that he hasn't been sane since House of M, so I can't imagine that would do well in a fight.

    Great post, excited for part 2

  2. strong disagree with part one, captain marvel would take it. thor is one god facing the power of seven. thor's chief weapon is lightning, the very thing that gives captain marvel his powers, and no thor cannot summon mystic lightning to turn captain marvel back to freddy. thor would be facing the wisdom of solomon, the strength of hercules, the courage of achilles, the power of zeus, the endurance of atlas, and speed of mercury. also freddy is worthy of mjolner, if he can get it from thor, game over for the thunder god. i agree that thor is more popular, but captain marvel is more powerful, he can take on superman and win for crissakes, something thor has yet to do. keep in mind i like thor, and think his current series is amazing, and i actually hate that freddy freeman is capatain marvel, but still captain marvel takes the win. i do agree with the flash being better(a bajillion times better)than quicksilver. quicksilver is awful, the only time i kind of thought he was any good was in peter david's run on x-factor(the one havok led) he was kind of cool in that series, but since then has returned to the lame. in my eyes, dc in the lead 2-0. next!

  3. Mori, it's based upon fan voting...just like the first event was where Thor won. I'm not doubting that Captain Marvel could beat Thor, he is just nowhere near as popular. Thor would easily win if this was put to a vote today.

  4. Mori needs some special touching to release that nerd rage!

  5. In a knockdown, drag out fight to the death between Marvel universe and Dc universe, who would win? This is one of the oldest unanswered questions around. Most people pick their favorite characters and side with them; others actually use statistics when coming to their own personal conclusions. The fact is because of a number of reasons this fight of a life time could go either way. For example, Marvel’s numbers could easily be enough to win. On the other hand the fact that ninety nine percent of marvel characters are human is enough to lose.

  6. Mori's right, based on powers (Shazam has the power of several gods, rather than one), but based on fan voting Thor wins easily, especially since his various movie appearances.