Thursday, July 1, 2010

Quickies 7/1/10

Secret Avengers #2

Holy crap, we are on freakin' Mars! Avenging, secretly, on the fourth planet from the Sun! This Avengers group is hitting the ground running.

Since this is an odd grouping of heroes, you get a lot of interesting interactions between each team member. Some of them like each other, while others are skeptical of a members abilities. Ed Brubaker does a great job of making sure each member of the team has a unique voice. They are not all trying to crack jokes off of each other, like in the main Avengers book. The story itself is fun so far. I'm really interested to see where this whole martian space crown thing is going. Mike Deodato's art in this book is solid as well, but that isn't anything really new.

This series has been filling the void, that was left behind by Dark Avengers, quite well. The group dynamic is certainly weird, but it's really interesting to read about it. I highly recommend this series.

Green Lantern #55

Lobo is trying to kill Atrocitus! In trying to do this, the majority of a downtown city will be crushed in the process. I can't imagine living in the DC universe. Between Blackest Night, Final Crisis, and War of the Superman I'd be having a panic attack every five seconds. That's assuming Sinestro doesn't "accidentally" knock a building on me first though...stress!!

This issue was decent, it was mainly a big fight scene between "The New Guardians" and Lobo. Not that I'm complaining about that, I like fighting. It just wasn't anything that really moved the larger story along, or answered any questions you may have about the growing threat that they keep mentioning.

The real heart and soul of this issue is the origin of the red lantern cat, Dex-Starr. I'm not ashamed to admit that this tale made me bite my lip a little bit. I like the idea that red lanterns aren't murdering psychopaths, but instead rather tragic characters. It makes them more relocatable and cooler.

Not a bad issue by any means, but nothing amazing either. Read it for the cat story.

Invincible #73

The Viltrumite War rages on! Mark is clinging to life on an alien world, while his father and brother bond while eating alien bugs. This is a real family issue guys! Meanwhile, Tech Jacket and Allen continue the fight against the Viltrumites. Battle Beast shows back up, and there is a traitor afoot! Intrigue, suspense, terror!!!

After the brutal ending to the last issue, I wasn't sure if Mark was going to survive. Apparently he can heal from anything, given enough time. This kid is friggin' unstoppable! I guess that's why they call him Invincible.

The bonding between Nolan (Mark's Dad) and Mark's brother is a good read. It helps build upon their characters, while providing humorous moments. The Viltrumite War is still shown progressing in between these moments, which helps show just how long they are stranded on this world. It's a well put together issue by Kirkman and Ottley. Unlike Green Lantern, the larger story progresses, while building up characters. Also, there is a Star Wars reference. It officially has everything now!

The Viltrumite War is proving to be one of the best Invincible stories yet. You should be reading this series, if you aren't already.

Wonder Woman #600

I was going to review this, but Tony sold my copy! Now what the hell am I supposed to do! It's sold out in our store. I'm not going to another comic store to get it, because that would feel dirty and wrong.

If anyone would like to provide me with their thoughts on this issue, feel free to send me an email at I'll post any reviews/thoughts I receive from you guys on the blog! That will be fun! Any other crap you want to email me with is fine too.

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