Thursday, July 8, 2010

Quickies 7/8/10

Holy hell! Did you know that my last post was my 100th post! I feel like someone should have made me a cake, bought me ice cream or something. If anyone does want to get me ice cream, I like Snickers Blizzards from DQ or a "like it" size of "cookie doughn't you want some" from Cold Stone. Make it happen people!

On to the reviews!

X-Force #28

The next to last chapter of second coming is here! You should definitely pick up this one though, as the majority of the crisis is resolved in this issue. I'm just letting you know that, in case you thought the final chapter of this story is where all the explosions happen. All the explosions are right here! Woo!

Since this is the issue where we get some big payoffs, it was a really entertaining read. Craig Kyle and Chris Yost crafted a solid ending to the battle in the death bubble on the Golden Gate Bridge. That's not an easy thing to do, considering that this story is now 13 issues long. It's really easy to produce a lackluster ending given the amount of build up that has occurred. Luckily, they avoided that by having some tense emotional moments coupled with some crazy fighting. There are some parts that are kind of cheesy, like the gathering of San Franciscans leaving candles and pictures outside the death bubble. The fact that you finally get to see Hope do something cool far outweighs those moments.

You may remember back when Nightcrawler died that I said you should buy that issue as it may be a collectors item. Well I'm kind of saying that again. Someone important may be kicking the bucket here guys. That's all I'm saying.

Batman and Robin #13

Call me old fashioned, but I like the usage of the crow bar to beat someone. Especially when that someone is a clown. Just something about it that warms my heart.

Thomas Wayne is alive? When did this happen? I have no idea, but he is strutting around town like it's nobodies business. Meanwhile Batman talks to Jim Gordon about some theories he has. All the while Robin, that little monkeyshine, is trying a new form of crowbar therapy with the Joker's face. This was a really fun issue! If it didn't look like crap, it would have been perfect. The art is stiff, lacking emotion, and the color is awful. I know this artist has done better work in the past. If some DC editor is to blame for rushing this man, then shame on them.

Read it for the story and try to deal with the art. That's what I did. Also, does anyone else think that Damien should be on the Teen Titans? Just to tell them how much they suck? I think it would be amazing.

Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four #1

What is one of my favorite things in the whole wide world? When Spidey and the FF team up to fight bad guys! I also love when Spidey and the Human Torch spend half the issue insulting each other. That's what comic books are all about guys, insults between friends.

This mini-series will be taking place in the past. Reed and Sue have just become engaged, if that gives you an idea of where this falls on the time line. Dr. Doom has agreed to work out some treaties with some neighboring countries at Empire State University. That's kind of weird, but what's weirder is that he wants the FF to be his security team! Surely you jest Doom! You hate the FF! Why would you want them to be...oh I get it, it's an insult to them...clever Doom. While the FF are standing guard outside, Peter Parker shows up. He's spider-Man, but what is he doing at Empire U.? He goes to school there! This is so convenient! Within seconds, monsters appear and the place goes crazy. Good times are had by all.

I thought this story was a lot of fun to read. It's setup and dialogue are very reminiscent of comics that would have come out during this time period. It's nice to go back to past every now and then. The art in this book is solid for the most part, but there are a few weird looking faces every now and then.

If you're a fan of Spidey and the FF like I am, or just a fan of 60's era comics, then picking up this book is a no brainer.

The Last Zombie #1

This book is suggested for mature readers. That's because dead people are walking around and people say bad words. Nobody gets eaten though, don't worry about that. I guess everyone is over zombies eating people. They want to know what our society will be like post zombie apocalypse. Will we still like Doritos? Will Jim Belushi still not be funny? What are the answers to these questions?!

You won't find any of those answers in this issue. You will find a book about life after a zombie apocalypse though. This book takes a look at the life of a scientist that is living in a military compound in Colorado. He's working on a cure while talking to his wife that is held up in another compound in West Virginia. The West Virginia compound suddenly goes quiet and a posse is put together to find out why. Premise!

The books backdrop, zombie apocalypse, is its downfall with me. It's another zombie book trying to grab my attention. It's not a bad book by any means, but it's not holding my attention like the Walking Dead does. The art could use some work too. The lack of backgrounds leaves it feeling almost unfinished. The people look good, but what does the room there in look like? Do they live in gray clouds? I don't know. The letterer doesn't put the vertical line in their E's either. I kept noticing it and it was driving me crazy.

If you need to read everything that has zombies in it, then pick it up. This would be a good book for Walking Dead fans to pick up while they're waiting for the next issue of that series to come out. It will help pass the time, and maybe you'll really like it.

Bring me ice cream!

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