Friday, July 30, 2010

Tony's SDCC Coverage Day 4 and 5!

SDCC Day 4 and 5:

So, this is late, sorry about that. Also, I combined the last two days because they were quite uneventful (well, for Comic-con that is).

Still riding the high off of Scott Pilgrim I decided to start Saturday at the Scott Pilgrim experience yet again. I really needed a new Gideon Club shirt that wasn't crooked. Also, the convention center would be a mob-scene since Saturday is the biggest day and I did not mind avoiding that at all.

This time, the Scott Pilgrim experience started at 10am so I got there around 9 and the line was already three times as long as it was the previous day. People seemed to have figured out what's going on. I got in line and immediately made friends with the two girls in front of me. I showed off my Scott Pilgrim 1-up pin and their jealousy was immediate. We all continued to hang out and chat. Midway through the line I let some random kid stand behind me. When people protested the girls and I let them know "Oh yeah...he's totally with us...he's our friend Billy". His name wasn't Billy, but that's what we called him for the rest of the morning. Once we got up to the top I got my new perfectly leveled-enough shirt and we got in the autograph line. This time it would be Edgar Wright, Michael Cera, and Jason Shwartzman. I didn't mention this last time I was here because I didn't want to do it by myself, but they had these three booths where you could make a flipbook! It was really awesome because you just moved around, doing whatever, they quickly filmed you and then printed out all the pictures, stapled them together and presto! flipbook! I easily coerced my two female buddies to come with me. I spun them both like ballerinas. It was adorable.

We waited for a bit longer, I snuck away to play more of the amazing Scott Pilgrim video game (soon to come to your PS3 and Xbox!) and then the line started to move. While in line, the rest of the cast came out to say hi and make their own flipbooks. Brandon Routh (Todd Ingram/Superman) is a tall dude. I have to say that the entire cast and crew for the Scott Pilgrim movie is freaking amazing humans. Each one really wanted to interact with the fans; you could tell they were loving the situation.
I asked if Edgar Wright would call my friend to say "happy birthday". He was totally cool with it, but security kicked me away while Edgar said to still try to get him on the line. I also thanked him a million times for what he did for everyone on Thursday. Michael Cera was really nice, but fairly quiet. A female friend asked for me to give him her number so I did. He looked at it, licked it up and stuck it to his forehead and then put it in his pocket. He hasn't called yet though, what a jerk! Last was Jason Shwartzman. He was super super nice. We actually talked a bit about his role of Gideon and the difference between comic and screen representation. He actually seemed vaguely interested in what I was saying, or he is just a great actor! (The previous line is a sincere statement as well as Scott Pilgrim the Movie reference)

After all of the fun we left the "Experience", traded contact info and went our separate ways.

I went inside and went to go see Adrian Alphona to pick up my sketchbook. He apologized for not being around and said he had to meet up with ___ for a ____. He immediately went "Oh shit, don't tell anyone I said that." This is me, not saying anything. His Niko sketch he gave me had a new unbelievably beautiful style to it. Seriously buy anything this person puts out. I then briefly met Rich Johnston who runs I go back and forth on his site a lot, and it's mostly from the somewhat jack-ass commentators he has. He was a really really nice guy and seemed genuinely happy that I introduced myself as a reader of his site. He then told me if I hear any "dirt" to let him know! I didn't let him know about Adrian because I'm a man of my word! I then headed back to the Image booth to meet up with Jason Howard (Astounding Wolf-Man). I wanted a Wolverine sketch and he was happy to do it.

Now at this point I really had nothing to do...I needed to go to Hall H soon, but wanted to pick up my sketchbook first. I decided to wait in line for a Bendis signing because I had an hour to kill and didn't mind standing in line. He was there as well as Oliver Coipel and Laura Martin. I had a copy of New Avengers for Chad for him to sign. Laura Martin is my second favorite colorist (after Christina Strain) so I was happy she was there. Chad wanted an Iron Fist by Coipel and since he wasn't sketching, I did the next best thing. Bendis also followed suit.

My sketch wasn't done yet so I headed to the Hall H line to wait for the Thor/Captain America panels. We waited in line for over two hours and it wasn't moving and I then got a tweet that there was a stabbing in Hall H. A girl next to me told me her boyfriend (who was already inside) that they stopped the panel for some reason. I told her what I read and the rumors spread like wildfire in the line. When security came out after the third hour to tell us there was a medical emergency, everyone immediately started screaming that there was a stabbing. I lowered my head and was hoping I wouldn't be pointed out as the instigator. We waited another hour and nobody left Hall H so we could not get in. This really sucked so I left. I'm pissed that I missed that panel because amazing things happened during it. I then went to go to Flynn's Arcade (yes, from Tron) that the company set up, but they closed and wouldn't be opening on Sunday. Frak! I decided to hit up the Cartoon Network sponsored pizza joint for some moderately overpriced slices.

On Sunday I wasn't in a rush for anything so I went for a pretty good breakfast in the morning and then hit up the convention center. I got my sketchbook and then I had almost nothing to do. I could sit in panels all day, but the ones I wanted to go to were pretty scattered. I decided to go into Ballroom 20 (the mini Hall H) for the TV panels. I saw some good ones, but the highlight was "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia". Damn that show is amazing. That was pretty much it for Sunday. I had to take the red eye home which SUCKED. Guy behind me must've ODed on Ambien because he was snoring up a storm. I put on my headphones and listened to Fugazi "Sweet and Low" while I slept. Yeah, I listened to one song for 5 straight hours.

Well, that's it folks! Hope you enjoyed being in my shoes as much as I...uh...enjoyed being in my shoes.
PS: The last picture of Silver Surfer...I give this guy an A for effort, but damn dude, work on that bulge...


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