Saturday, July 3, 2010

Stick with the tights

In case you've been living under a rock, or another dense object that would limit your ability to receive information, you know that Wonder Woman has a new costume. Reactions have been mixed to say the least. They range from loving the new look, to accusing Wonder Woman of being a communist. Given that Wonder Woman is a character that is rich in Americana, it is no wonder that people would have such strong reactions regarding a change in her attire.

I am in the "not a fan" camp, when it comes to the new costume. When it comes to a super hero(ine) costume, I fall back to something I read in the biography of the wrestler Edge. He mentioned how much he disliked it when wrestlers would wrestle in street clothes. Whether it be jean shorts or track pants, he felt it took away from the pageantry of the show. I feel the same way about super hero costumes. I don't care for a super hero trying to look more hip by wearing street clothes. Wearing ridiculous tights is part of the job, part of the escape for the reader. To ignore that, like wrestling, takes something away from the experience.

I understand that some people are excited now that Wonder Woman has pants. Does it matter if she has pants if the artist draws them as being painted on? I showed a picture of the new costume to several woman, who don't read comics, last night. The reactions were all the same. They all said she looks like a 90's club skank. Keep in mind, that this is a small sample of people, but is that really the look you want for your flagship heroine? Was raising the cut of her top and giving her a long skirt (like her 40's costume) too difficult? That would have made more sense to me. Also, the boots are just stupid.

Regardless of any ones opinion, the costume is here to stay for the moment. It's possible the costume may grow on me, but I'm not going to hold my breathe. Especially when it comes to those boots.


  1. This is definitely a fashion trend that DC comics can not pull off.
    Marvel super heroes can pull off that look simply because there are more street level characters and many more vigilantes.

    Case in point: Luke Cage is one bad mother in his street garb


  2. I agree with your opinions.. plus Wonder Woman's original costume is kick ass.

  3. Even feminists, who you'd think would be part of the people thrilled she has pants now, aren't really feeling this look (

    Personally, I just think it looks bland. Superhero costumes are meant to pull our eyes to the hero, it can be a visual way of saying that the character is unique and worthy of your attention. This costume just says, "Remember that our 4th of July sale is going on now through Sunday at JC Penny!"

  4. Screw the Wonder Woman costume debate I'm more interested in the fact that you read Edge's autobiography...was that ghost written by a 7 year old...or did he write it himself in short, phonetically incorrect sentences?