Saturday, July 31, 2010

Big Time

It was recently revealed at SDCC that the "Brand New Day" era of Spider-Man stories would come to a close with the story entitled "Origin of the Species." Saying the "Brand New Day" era is coming to a close not only has implications in Spidey's world, but in the real world as well. The book will then be shipping twice a month and Dan Slott (Avengers: Initiative, Mighty Avengers) will be the only writer. This is a big change from shipping three times a month and having seven writers. So, what major change in Spidey's life could equal the magnitude of this real life shift? Peter's finally going to get paid!

The name of the new era is "Big Time". That means bigger enemies, bigger stories (30 pages), and a bigger bank account thanks to his new career. Dan Slott described it as

Peter's career is getting in shape, which leads to him having more resources as a superhero. After all, with great money comes great stuff."

Some of that great stuff will be multiple costumes, including the black and neon green costume revealed at SDCC. Slott also said

This book isn't just Spider-Man. It's Spider-Man firmly in the Marvel Universe."

I think it's safe to assume that we'll be seeing more team-ups in the pages of Amazing Spider-Man.

As a huge Spider-Man fan. I welcome this change with open arms. One of my favorite things about JMS's run on Amazing Spider-Man, was that Pete was getting his life together. He wasn't struggling for money, he was using his brain and finally being successful. Then the Brand New Day era came about and made Peter a penniless dumbass again. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed a lot of the Brand New Day stories. I just enjoy seeing Peter be successful. I'm invested in this
character. After the decades of hardships, it's nice to see a character get some sort of reward.

I also love the idea of Peter possibly getting a job where he gets to use his brain. I know it hasn't been confirmed as to what his new job would be, but I would imagine his "dream job" would be something involving science. Spider-Man has a brilliant mind, why not let him use it more often than when it's convenient for a story. I really hope this is Slott's intention, as that would make me the happiest Spider fan ever.

Given everything I have read about "Big Time" so far, I'm really excited about these changes. I only hope that I'm not letting my imagination get ahead of me, so I won't end up being disappointed. This looks like a fun and energetic new look for Spider-Man. I can't wait!

This new era will begin in Amazing Spider-Man #648, which will ship in November.

-Action Chad