Thursday, July 29, 2010

Quickies 7/29/10

Before we begin this week, I want to share with you the worst thing you could ever have uttered to you at a Wendy's.

"I'm sorry sir, we're all out of chocolate frosty. Would you like to try vanilla?"

The answer to that is a resounding no. Please don't make the same mistake I did. Learn from my follies.

On to the comics!

Wonder Woman #601

I've already told you my thoughts on Wonder Woman's new threads, so I won't spend any time talking about it in this review.

This story sets the stage for the new direction of Wonder Woman, and I enjoyed it. I'm serious! I thought the setup was cool, and it made me interested to read more. There are some exceptionally brutal parts shown during a flashback sequence that kept me interested as well. It didn't hurt that they mention that Diana's mission is to restore her world as it once was. This new direction is a lot easier to take, knowing that they don't mean for this to be a permanent change.

I really like Don Kramer's artwork in this. His pages, showing the siege of Paradise Island, are intense and beautiful. The fire scene is tough to imagine, but you can't look away. My only complaint is that he does recycle drawings in different panels a bit too much.

A lot of people were turned off by Wonder Woman #600, but you may want to give this book a second look. She may have changed clothes, but the book hasn't changed at its core.

Franken-Castle #19

Guys! Where are the Franken-Castle shirts! If anyone in the comic industry is reading this, can you please send an email to your apparel department and urge them to get on this! I want to display my adoration of Franken-Castle via my clothing!

If you thought the first encounter between these two was brutal, then you need to read this issue! This fight includes; ears being sliced off, grenades, impaling, being thrown through walls, more impaling, electrocution, stabbing, slicing, gun shots, and a concrete saw. All the while, The Punisher insults Daken by calling him "Mullet" and making fun of his tattoo. It's stories like this that are making Rick Remender my favorite writer. My only complaint about this issue was its guest star on the last page. Let's leave it between Frank and Daken, no outside interference please.

The art chores are beautifully handled by Tony Moore. This is the same guy that did the original "Franken-Castle" story, so it's some awesome stuff. His art style is fluid, and full of detail. His anatomy is spot on, but provides enough exaggeration to the forms of the character to make it fun and well...comic book like. I'm a huge fan, if you couldn't have guessed. If you were bummed that he had not been doing the past few issues of this series, then rejoice. His art style fits this character perfectly.

When I reviewed Dark Wolverine last week, I mentioned that I thought this issue would set up the plot for this mini-series. It sort of does, but I almost feel that this is going to be a big four issue fight. I guess that's alright with me, I wouldn't mind another long standing feud between two characters. We'll have to wait and see if there is more than meets the eye to this giant slobberknocker (Jim Ross!) of a fight.

That's all for this week! Here are a list of other books that I thought were cool as well!

Secret Avengers #3, Fantastic Four #581, Fear Agent #28, Flash #4, Green Lantern #56 (Larfleeze makes a Christmas list!), Green Lantern Corps #50, Justice League: Generation Lost #6, RASL #8, Action Comics #891, Ultimate Mystery #1, and the backup story to Uncanny X-Men #526, not the horribly drawn main story.

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