Thursday, July 22, 2010

Quickies 7/22/10

While Tony is off at the San Diego Comic Con, the rest of us are stuck here in Maine. We don't get to read comics from the future or meet the creators of our favorite books. We don't get to play Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 before anyone else does! Nope...we're stuck here, dreaming of what this pop culture Valhalla looks like. At least new comics came out this week, those will help dull the pain. Also, I sold all of Tony's comics to customers! In your face Mr. I got my picture taken with Bryan Lee O'Malley!

Here we go!

Dark Wolverine #88

Where can I get a Franken-Castle t-shirt! I want one so badly! If anyone can give me information on where to get one, I'll give you a high five. That's a promise folks!

This issue doesn't waste any time with silly things, like exposition. Daken ditches some models, kills a guy in a bathroom, and then starts fighting the Punisher. I really liked that the first chapter of their meeting was just them fighting. It's all I really wanted them to do anyways. I'm assuming that the next chapter of this story, in Franken-Castle's series, will reveal what the plot will be for this crossover.

If you were chomping at the bit for a re-match between these two characters, then pick up this issue immediately. There isn't a lot there besides fighting, but it's a good start.

Batman Beyond #2

Thankfully, Batman Beyond is not about Batman working at a Bed, Bath, and Beyond. I do think Batman working a retail job, that specializes in home goods, would be entertaining though. It's about Batman in the future, or "Beyond" as the future is referred to in the future.

This book reminds of the straight to DVD movie called "Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker". Why? Because a prominent villain in Batman's rouges gallery suddenly appears in the future, just like in the movie. Naturally, the current Batman goes to investigate while Bruce tells him he doesn't know what he's getting himself into. It's not bad, but we seem to be treading familiar territory here. Granted that familiar territory was awesome.

If you're a fan of the show, like myself, it should be difficult not to read this. Despite using a story idea from a Batman Beyond movie, this book is still enjoyable. I guess if you never saw that movie, this issue would blow your mind. If you are that person, then good for you.

Prince of Power #3

I wish I could dress like Amadeus Cho and not get made of fun of by my co-workers. The casual business attire look has always appealed to me. I'm a big fan of ties, you now know that about me. I would also like that enchanted mace he carries around too. I'm just full of wants today!

This issue feels a lot like how The Incredible Hercules used to. It was a lot of fun, and even made me laugh out loud a few times. Notice that I wrote out "laugh out loud", as opposed to using LOL. The dialouge has great comedic timing, especially when Amadeus makes fun of Egyptian mythology. Having Thor tell Amadeus that he has a large hammer that he can put through his face is good too. The overall plot advances nicely, this issue just flows well.

Overall, it was a lot of fun. If you are a fan of humorous stories, then give this series a try. It really hits its stride in this issue. It also included giant serpents, death scrunchies, Thor watches youtube, and LOLCats!

G.I. Joe #156

Holy crap! Cobra is in charge of the U.S. Military and G.I. Joe is wanted for treason! In other news, cats and dogs are now best friends and hamburgers eat people! This is insanity!

Despite the plot being too crazy for our minds to comprehend, this was a good read. It was nice to see the Joes thrown into a different situation. It was also good to see Snake Eyes kill a lot of Cobra ninjas. Don't get upset with me if you think that was a spoiler. The idea that Snake Eyes doesn't kill a lot of ninjas is laughable. It took me back to Saturday mornings, when I would yell "Yo Joe" at the TV screen and smile.

There are a lot of G.I. Joe books out on the market, but I feel like this one is the best. This is a great jump on point for what, appears to be, an awesome new series.

New Avengers #2 was amazing too, but you don't need me to tell you that.

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